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Brazen Viewers Notice 'Plot Hole' In The Kathleen Murder Investigation

Gregory Robinson

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Brazen Viewers Notice 'Plot Hole' In The Kathleen Murder Investigation

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

Warning. This article contains spoilers for Brazen.

Brazen viewers have noticed a very peculiar 'plot hole' in the investigation into Kathleen's murder.

The Netflix film stars Alyssa Milano as crime author Grace Miller, whose sister - school teacher and secret webcam performer Kathleen - is brutally murdered in her bedroom.


The film follows Grace as she helps detectives uncover the mystery, before anyone else gets hurt. And there's even a bit of romance in there too, as Grace ends up hooking up with Ed (Sam Page), one of the detectives on the case who happens to live next door.

Adapted from the novel Brazen Virtue by Nora Roberts, the film has received a mixed response from viewers on social media, as people spot flaws in Grace's investigation into Kathleen's murder.

When Grace receives the traumatising news that her sister has been murdered, she decides to get involved with the investigation directly.

(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)

A unidentified killer is targeting webcam performers and Grace volunteers to take on the identity of Desiree, her dead sister's alter-ego, to lure the killer back to the scene of her sister's murder to catch him.

But the danger involved in such a plan and Grace's lack of investigating knowledge and experience beyond her novels has some people questioning why she was allowed to become so involved.

One person wondered why Grace failed to pick-up on Jerald, the high school student who is revealed to be the murderer, asking mysterious probing questions about the case. 

(Credit: Twitter)
(Credit: Twitter)

They tweeted: “So Grace has all these amazing detective 'instincts' yet she didn’t pick up on the fact that Jerald asked her how her sister died and in the next breath asked if the cops have any suspects. That was so blatantly obvious, it felt insulting as a viewer.”

Similarly, another viewer said: "The captain of the police gives Alyssa Milano -- the victims sister -- a job consulting on the investigation into her sisters murder because she's a true crime novelist?"

Grace gets involved in the investigation, leaving viewers confused (Credit: Netflix)
Grace gets involved in the investigation, leaving viewers confused (Credit: Netflix)

We have so many questions.

Grace’s plan works in the end and the killer, Jerald, returns to the attic where her sister was murdered.

Jerald removes his mask and confesses he is the killer while Grace records it during a webcam show. 

He attacks her and the two scuffle over a gun Grace hid in the attic to protect herself. Luckily Ed arrives and shoots Jerald, saving her life in the process.

Brazen is available on Netflix now.

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Gregory Robinson
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