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365 Days: This Day: Laura And Nacho's Relationship Is Very Different In The Book

365 Days: This Day: Laura And Nacho's Relationship Is Very Different In The Book

There's certainly some changes between the book and movie

This article contains spoilers for 365 Days: This Day and the 365 Days book series

The sequel to the X-rated erotic thriller 365 Days has dropped on Netflix recently and while reviews have been mixed it's shaping up to be a successful film series for the streaming giant.

Fans who just can't wait for the third instalment are turning to the book series, written by Polish author Blanka Lipińska, on which the series is based.

However those who do so are discovering some of the differences between the book and its adaptation. Especially in regards to the relationship between Laura and Nacho.

Movie Nacho is somewhat different to his book counterpart (

In the movie Laura is driven into the arms of Nacho when she sees husband Massimo go off with his ex lover Anna (although it later turns out this was not Massimo, but rather his twin brother).

Following this, Nacho takes Laura back to his father's home in Spain, where she quickly begins to develop feelings for him.

This occurs quite differently in the books as Nacho instead kidnaps Laura and holds her hostage. Although, just like in the movie she does start developing feelings for him.

Some of the darker elements of Laura and Nacho's have been tonned down in the film (

Being so similar to Laura and Massimo's plot in the first film, it's understandable that Netflix would change this.

It also helps that this change tones down the Stockholm Syndrome-ness of the previous film.

Despite this change, the movie and book still follow a similar plot going forward.

In both, Nacho reveals he's the son of Don Fernando Matos, the "eternal rival" to Massimo's family.

Don Matos plans to use Laura to force Massimo to step down from his role, giving control to his brother instead.

Nacho insists that his feelings for Laura are real and he had no choice but to follow his father's plan.

It's unclear if she believes or forgives him though as she is shot not long after this revelation.

Laura and Massimo married earlier in the film, although that doesn't stop a love triangle from emerging (

Here the books and film appear to diverge once more. In the books, Laura is still pregnant, while in the film she has miscarried by this point.

At the beginning of the third book, Massimo has to decide to save either Laura or their unborn child. He ultimately chooses Laura.

The third book delves further into the love triangle with Laura rekindling her relationship with Nacho, causing Massimo to kill her dog.

You can watch both movies on Netflix now.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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