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Woman praised after getting revenge on passengers who recline plane seats too far back

Woman praised after getting revenge on passengers who recline plane seats too far back

A frequent flyer has been praised by radio hosts for the ultimate act of revenge on passengers who recline plane seats too far back.

A woman has been praised after getting revenge on plane passengers who push their recliner seats too far back - and it's pretty brutal.

On long-haul flights, when a person in front of you reclines their seat so far back to the point where your legs are that squashed you can't move, it can be pretty frustrating and obviously uncomfortable.

Many of us would likely just have a word with the person in front and ask politely if they could move the seat forward a bit.

But this one frequent flyer has different ideas, and presenters on a radio show she rang up to tell are loving it.

A woman named Fiona rang up the Nova radio station in Australia to discuss 'inconsiderate' people who recline their seat on flights.

When this happens to Fiona on a plane, she admits that she goes full revenge mode to vent her frustration.

The flyer admits she uses the air-conditioning on the plane to get the ultimate payback.

Speaking on the radio station, she said: "When you're flying economy, and the person in front of you is very inconsiderate and reclines their chair all the way back...You know the air con vents in the top, so you can swivel them around - I swivel it right on their face and put it on full blast."

The woman called people who recline their seats too far back on planes as 'inconsiderate'.
Kumar Sriskandan / Alamy Stock Photo

Presenters Ryan 'Fitzy' Fitzgerald and Michael 'Wippa' Wipfli, who were presenting their daily show, were evidently impressed as they gave the woman applause as she explained.

Fitzy said, "that's a belter and they can't complain," with Wippa adding that the woman had 'outdone herself'.

The presenting duo even took to their Instagram page to share a clip of the conversation, but it is fair to say the vast majority of viewers were not impressed.

One angry viewer said: "Reclining the seat back is a total right to anyone in the plane!"

A second added: "You pay for a seat and it reclines, I’m doing it! It not rude it’s just what you have paid for and it Is ECONOMY"

And a third said: "It’s rude to recline the plane chair that I paid for??? This is news to me."

Some viewers on the other side suggested that recliners should be removed from plane seats to avoid such problems happening.

One person said: "The feature is there from a time where we had room and you would barely noticed it was reclined, but nowadays there isn't room for it in most flights."

Another person added that someone was 'in her space' for the duration of a 14-hour flight so was in favour of them being removed.

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