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Woman ‘shoots her shot’ with handsome stranger on plane by sending him note on napkin

Woman ‘shoots her shot’ with handsome stranger on plane by sending him note on napkin

A airline passenger has gone viral on TikTok after she took her shot thousands of feet in the air.

Let's be honest, actually 'shooting your shot' requires a lot of courage.

And one airline passenger - who's bravery was certainly sky high - tried her luck on a recent Southwest Airlines flight.

TikToker Natalie, from San Diego, California, spotted what she believed to be an attractive man sat in the row in front of her.

Filming the whole thing, she opted to go full 90s-teenager, and passed him a note written on a napkin.

Natalie was nervous about shooting her shot while on a flight.

"Really cute guy sitting in front of me on my flight, decided to shoot my shot," she explained in the text overlay on her TikTok.

"If you're single / interested text me sometime," the note read.

Straight to the point, I like it.

Natalie then said: "Freaking out because he turned around and introduced himself."

Well it seems like she got the result she wants as the guy in front eventually text her back: "Hey Natalie, nice to meet you. And yes single and interested," with a little smiling emoji.

The note in question.

For anyone who wants to try this, it's important to note that Natalie smartly handed the napkin over towards the end of the flight.

The idea of getting rejected on a seven hour flight is pretty unbearable.

"Also did this towards the end of the flight so it wasn’t awkward for a long time just in case," she wrote.

Natalie's vid has since gone viral and TikTokers were quick to leave their thoughts.

Incredibly, the Southwest Airlines' official TikTok account made a comment, which read: "As the love airline, we’re now invested!"

One user wrote: "Where do we subscribe to relationship updates?" while another joked: "Catch flights AND feelings."

Someone even wrote about a similar event that they experienced, explaining: "I have friends that met on a flight. The theme of their wedding was 'Love at first flight'."

Natalie and her mystery man are planning a date.

Natalie later made a follow-up video to let everyone know that the pair had plans to go out on a date.

She revealed screenshots from the mystery man about some locations he wanted to go to.

He wrote: "I'm free tomorrow and Monday night. Down for a date night?

"There's a couple of fun places I've been wanting to check out."

I think I speak for everyone when admitting that I can't wait for the next development.

Also it just shows that there is never a bad time to shoot your shot.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@nataliebonbon

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