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Plane passenger speaks out after man launched furious rant at parents over their crying baby

Plane passenger speaks out after man launched furious rant at parents over their crying baby

The TikToker who filmed the man on a plane has spoken out.

The plane passenger who filmed a man shouting at some parents over their crying baby while travelling has spoken out.

Especially on TikTok, plane etiquette is a huge talking point - one that can certainly leave people divided if asked.

One of those huge talking points in particular is babies on planes, and the point of them crying - which I'm sure we've all heard in our time.

And if you have been on TikTok in recent days, then you might have seen a video posted by Mark Grabowski.

For those that haven't, here is the rundown.

While the plane was stuck on the ground due to weather conditions, Grabowski filmed an unhappy passenger on a Southwest Airlines flight to Florida who got rather angry with a baby that had been wailing for nearly an entire hour.

Totally outraged by the ordeal, the man launched a tirade against the parents as well as the airplane's cabin crew.

The man can be seen shouting at staff for nearly five long minutes.

The airplane rant went viral online.

He can be heard swearing a whole bunch of times - at least over 20 to be exact - as he raises his voice and, all the while, it's clearly not making the child any less upset.

And cabin crew also had no luck whatsoever in de-escalating the heated situation.

Throughout the ranting session, one flight attendant says to the angry passenger: "You're yelling."

Upon which, the man hit back with: "So is the baby!"

Police were later seen escorting the man off the aircraft, though he was not arrested.

A representative for Southwest Airlines told "We do not have details on this flight to share but commend our flight crew for their professionalism and offer our apologies to the other customers onboard."

Now, Grabowski, the man behind the viral video, has been speaking out about the crazy experience on the plane.

The man behind the viral video has spoken out.

Speaking to Inside Edition, he said: "Initially myself and a few of those passengers tried to calm the man down and he just kind of doubled down and kept at it."

He also noted that the shouting episode only made the situation worse and made the baby cry even more, as you'd expect.

"It's pretty counterintuitive, and now we have two crying people on the flight," Grabowski added.

After this whole debacle, I'm sure he'll find every other flight he hops on now boring.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@mjgrabowski

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