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Man left furious after person behind them repeatedly tries to open plane blind

Man left furious after person behind them repeatedly tries to open plane blind

What would you have done?

When travelling, other people's behaviour can often be frustrating, especially if you're stuck on a plane for hours.

And one man was left fuming on a recent flight after the passenger behind him repeatedly tried to open his window blind.

You can watch the video below:

Taking a video of the incident, TikToker @ericgoldie can be seen pushing the window blind down as a mysterious hand reaches from behind to try and pull the blind up instead.

Eric pushes the hand away a couple of times, before pulling the blind back down.

In a second video, the TikToker provides a little more information over what happened. Responding to a comment from someone who said they often get confused over who the window 'belongs' to, Eric explained that there was 'no confusion' over whose window it was.

"I see how this can be confusing but there is no confusion in whose window this is," he explained.

"This was my seat when reclined, that's my head rest. It's not 50/50... it's on my side."

Eric shared a video of what happened.

Eric then asked other TikTokers for their opinions, but the reaction was mixed.

Many agreed that the window was definitely Eric's, with one commenting: "That is CLEARLY…your window."

While another said: "He’s reaching between your seat and the wall to get to YOUR window, not his window."

And a third added: "It’s your window seat!!! No question!!!"

Some, however, were divided over Eric's decision to recline the seat.

One person said: "You recline your seat so I'm automatically not on your side."

And another wrote: "'When reclined'.... But may be questionable when not."

Meanwhile, someone else claimed: "If someone puts the window down, no matter who’s it is, I respect it. Idk if you’re trying to sleep, sun is glaring, etc."

Another asked: "Your approach was fine...but did you try a polite quick convo first?"

What would you have done?

The hand can be seen reaching forward.

In other travelling news, we told you how one woman was praised after she stuck up for a fellow passenger who was asked to switch seats during a flight.

TikToker @not.cristinayang explained how she was sitting in a premium economy seat during a flight from Hawaii to Seattle when a woman approached her row and asked the lady next to her if she would swap so she could sit next to her friend.

Despite wanting to swap from economy to premium economy, the passenger claimed that her seat was better because it was a window, as opposed to a middle seat.

However, the TikToker insisted the woman didn't swap, and people couldn't stop praising her for ensuring the lady wasn't taken advantage of.

You can read more on that here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ericgoldie

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