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People Are Loving This Woman's Hack For Sneaking Extra Hand Luggage Onto Plane

People Are Loving This Woman's Hack For Sneaking Extra Hand Luggage Onto Plane

This woman is living in 3021.

As much as we love a budget flight, we do resent the absolutely tiny amount of baggage you’re allowed to take on board sometimes.

We can barely fit our make-up bags inside our backpacks, let alone the rest of the gear we’d need for a weekend.

So we have nothing but respect for 25-year-old Ashlin Bohl, who decided to fake a whole pregnancy in order to smuggle on a few extra bits of hand luggage.

You can watch the video here.


Flying to visit a friend in San Diego, US from her home city of Denver, Colorado, Ashlin’s super cheap flight meant she could only carry a backpack.

But the quick-thinking passenger decided to stuff some of her clothes for the trip in a drawstring backpack, slung it over her front, and covered the bag with a baggy sweatshirt, to make it appear that she was pregnant.

Ashlin used a drawstring bang in an ingenious way (

She managed to make it onto the plane with no issues but she had to stay in character for the whole flight – which we can’t imagine was too comfortable.

Explaining her ingenious idea, Ashlin explained: “As I got out of the plane and my friend picked me up. I kept the bag on until I got in her car.

"If I found myself in the same circumstances, I would absolutely do it again."


Ashlin pretended to be pregnant (

Well, as much as we admire Ashlin’s ballsy-ness we certainly wouldn’t be trying that ourselves at the airport.

In other life tip news, a young mum has been sharing ‘baby hacks’ to help new parents adjust to life with a little one. 

Sharing her variety of hints on TikTok, California-based mum Lauren Mejia, 26, is thrilled to know her simple ideas are helping make life easier for women out there.

“I learned baby hacks from browsing on Pinterest and through trial and error in being a mom,” Lauren told Jam Press.

Would you have known she was not pregnant? (

“Although I have worked with children for a very long time, I felt that being a mom was an entirely different experience that I had to learn to navigate.

“I thought that if they were helpful to me, it would be great to be able to share with other parents as well!

“It is always so motivating to continue to make content when I see other moms using my hacks."

Keep the tips coming, ladies!

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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