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A Game Of Thrones Studio Tour Has Opened In The UK

A Game Of Thrones Studio Tour Has Opened In The UK

Anyone up for a day trip?

A Game of Thrones studio tour has launched in Northern Ireland and it looks like an absolute must-see.

After partnering with HBO, Tourism Northern Ireland has created the most stunning journey through the world of Game Of Thrones from script to screen.

Begin your journey at The Wall and venture into Winterfell - exploring the mysteries of Dragonstone and House Targaryen on the way. Watch the promo video for the tour here:

During your visit, you will be brought all the way back to the initial sketches inspired by George R.R. Martin's epic fantasy novels, eventually used to translate the magnificent story to the screen.

Explore the sets of some of the most iconic TV moments, from the Hall of Faces to the Crypts of Winterfell.

Dive into the world of special effects, green screens, makeup, and prosthetics, and watch how the Game Of Thrones creative team successfully brought the series to life.

Feast your eyes on the deadliest weapons, from medieval crossbows to dragon glass.

Fans of the series will also get to experience incredible authentic sets and costumes, rounding off the epic journey.

Game Of Thrones Studio Tour)

When you're finished your Game of Thrones tour, treat yourself to one of the two in-house cafes, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Honestly, do you need any more of an excuse to book a trip to Banbridge, Northern Ireland?

Filming for Game Of Thrones took place in around 25 locations across Northern Ireland, including Tollymore Forest Park, Inch Abbey, and Larrybane Quarry.

When they weren't filming in front of ancient castles and breathtaking coastlines, the cast and crew were based at Titanic Studios.

But after ending their tenancy at the Belfast studio, HBO found a new home the invaluable Game Of Thrones set at The Boulevard, Banbridge.

Game Of Thrones Studio Tour)

Tickets are selling fast for the studio tour, which officially opened its doors on 4th February, so make sure to snap up yours ASAP.

Individual ticket prices start from £27.50, while family tickets start from £109.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

You can get your tickets and learn more about the tour here.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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