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Woman Urges Shoppers To Wash New Clothes After Making Terrifying Discovery

Woman Urges Shoppers To Wash New Clothes After Making Terrifying Discovery

New fear unlocked.

Our skin is crawling after seeing what one woman discovered when she went browsing through a shop's clothing rack.

TikToker Ellen Danz (@Els22022) couldn't help but let out a scream when she was shopping at a Lululemon store and realised what was lurking between the leggings and sports bras.

Watch the video here:

At first, viewers were repulsed to see a rather large cobweb filled with eggs running through the rack of athleisure pieces, but they weren't ready when they saw what else was hiding in there.

One TikTok user admitted that her "heart stopped", while another joked: "I'd sue for emotional distress 😭".

A third commented: "This is why you should clean your clothes after buying".

Others were more horrified when they saw Ellen touching the discovery with her bare hands in the video.


"I’m actually screaming THE EGGS" commented another.

Someone else added: "you’re brave for touching that omg".

TikTok viewers were horrified by what they saw. (

In a follow-up video, Ellen reassured viewers that there was no way they'd come across this branch, explaining that it had closed down since she had made the terrifying discovery.

She wrote: "Don’t worry about shopping this location, it shutdown a week later."

Viewers soon got to talking about what they would do if they had made the creepy-crawly discovery themselves.

One asked: "No bc why didn’t ANYONE call pest control. They’re so dangerous."

Ellen assured followers that the branch had since closed down. (

But another countered: "The fact you guys didn’t instantly call pest control and run for your life baffles me."

"WHY DID YOU NOT KILL IT?!" suggested a third.

Another disgusted TikToker joked "I would’ve called the fire department."

We don't know what we would have done in this scenario, but we hope we never have to find out...

Tyla has reached out to Lululemon for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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