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Woman Shares Honest Kim Kardashian Swimsuit Review

Woman Shares Honest Kim Kardashian Swimsuit Review

The reviews are in for the new SKIMS swimwear collection.

Kim Kardashian's SKIMS Metallic Swimwear line is not your average collection of bikinis, swimsuits, and cover-ups.

After launching the new swimwear range earlier this month, fans were baffled by the strange cutouts and stark difference to the original collection.

Thankfully, if you're unsure whether to splurge or save on the new collection, one influencer has picked up some pieces to give her brutally honest review of the latest SKIMS line.

YouTuber Hope Allen (AKA. HopeScope) took it upon herself to give viewers a thorough review of the unusual swimwear range, revealing exactly what potential customers could expect.

Noting that there were far fewer items in the new collection than there had been in the original, Hope decided to splash out on three of the main pieces: The Metallic Swim Mock Neck Tank (£64), Metallic Swim Dipper Tie Bottoms (£48), and Metallic Swim Cut-Out Monokini (£108).

At first glance, she admitted that the Metallic Swimwear collection looked 'frighteningly reminiscent' of Kim's sister Kylie Jenner's swim line.

Hope tried on three pieces from the new collection.
YouTube/HopeScope But Short

Taking the pieces out of the simple packaging, the blogger admitted she wasn't an immediate fan of the fabric.

"I just really loved the fabric of the first collection and I'm so nervous that they ruined it with this sticky..." she said, playing with the cloth.

After trying on the silver tank top and tie bottoms, she confirmed: "I definitely don't like it as much as the fabric from the first launch. They did keep the same tone-on-tone tag and the same stitching but this just feels so different.

"For the price, I feel like there could have been more structure to the top, but that's really my only complaint."

She also joked while trying it on that the material felt like latex, and the bikini top could have done with some extra padding over certain sensitive areas.

Next, Hope tried on the gold monokini - the main feature of which was a large cut-out in the belly, stretching from the diaphragm to just below the belly button, and in the back.

The influencer confessed that the fabric from the new collection wasn't as good.
HopeScope But Short

While she was a fan of the colour, Hope warned potential shoppers that the coverage wasn't fantastic.

Posing in front of the camera, she said: "Okay, see what I mean, though? The side doesn't cover me as much as I thought it would."

Despite that, Hope concluded that she "actually quite liked" the monokini too.

That being said, Hope, and many other Kim K fans are still optimistic that the original SKIMS swimwear collection will be restocked in the future.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/HopeScope but Short

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