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Ryanair-friendly cabin bags from designer brand loved by celebs currently have 40% off

Ryanair-friendly cabin bags from designer brand loved by celebs currently have 40% off

The perfect luggage for your summer getaway or that last minute city break

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If you've got a trip coming up or are planning to jet off then chances are you're already thinking of how to fit the most outfits into your suitcase or how to get the most out of your travel holdall.

The temptation to overpack can be hard to resist, but then if you have cabin baggage only you'll know you need to make sure your luggage fits the right dimensions and for some airlines like Ryanair these can be pretty strict — so you'll want to make sure you pick a suitcase that will get you through the boarding gate.

You've got your passport and your trip booked, but do you have the right luggage?

What are the rules around Ryanair cabin bags?

For Ryanair, a small bag is now classed as a 'handbag, laptop bag or backpack' and it must measure no more than 40 x 20 x 25cm, which isn't a huge amount as it has to fit under the seat in front of you.

For those whose ticket allows a larger cabin bag you can put in the overhead locker (not sure? Check here), you're looking at 55 x 40 x 25cm and it can't weigh more than 10kg.

So if you're looking for a suitcase or bag that's airline approved and won't see you spending more on baggage fees, then you're in luck as Antler's sale with up to 40% off is perfectly timed.

Antler is offering a huge discount on Ryanair-friendly cabin bags.

Where can I buy Ryan-friendly cabin bags?

They have their Chelsea Backpack which comes in a blush pink hue and perfectly meets Ryanair's free (smaller) cabin bag measurements — plus it's just been reduced from £140 to £84, a saving of £56 (40%).

It also comes in a pale turquoise colourway called 'Mineral' and four other shades which are not currently on sale.

With pockets galore and handy compartments for all your bits and bobs (it even has a shoe compartment!), it also comes with the Antler lifetime warranty, providing bang for your buck.

If you've got a Regular, Priority or Flexi Plus ticket then there is also the Brixham Cabin Case with a saving of £68.

it comes in Concrete (a dark grey) and our fave, Canopy Green, and will fit neatly into the overhead locker.

With a saving of over £60, this suitcase from Antler promises to pack lots whilst still meeting Ryanair cabin baggage rules.

It might look small but this case is mighty and can fit in loads thanks to its 'deep, spacious packing compartment'.

It's super lightweight and easy to steer, making your journey from security to gate that little bit smoother, and also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Featured Image Credit: Antler

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