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Shoppers left offended over shop's 'gross' bikini bottoms

Shoppers left offended over shop's 'gross' bikini bottoms

Australian's have taken to social media to air their grievances with the swimwear on sale.

Women have taken to social media to express their concerns regarding a piece of swimwear currently being sold Kmart.

With summer due to officially begin in Australia, many savvy shoppers are already snapping up their bikinis and swimming costumes ahead of the warm weather season.

But one recent Kmart store visiter spotted a pair of ‘String Jacquard Briefs’ on the shelves, and they’ve taken to social media to air their frustrations with the product.

Women have said the bikini briefs from Kmart are 'too narrow'.
Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor

The bottoms, which retail at $10 (£5.23), have caused a stir online due to various women claiming the front panel of the brief to be too narrow to wear.

One in-store shopper headed to Facebook group, Kmart Hacks & Decor, to lament the size of the briefs and to share her puzzlement with others.

Posting a picture of the turquoise bikini bottoms to the group, the woman asked how others were expected ‘not to expose their lady parts’ while wearing them

As per MailOnline, the original poster continued: “Even the sanitary plastic crutch sticker is too wide.”

On the Kmart website, the tie-side bikini bottoms are described as providing ‘low coverage’, but are supposedly stretchy due to having an elastic waistband.

According to Kidspot, over 1500 women have since commented on the original post and picture, with many questioning why the bottoms were still on sale.

The swimwear is still available to purchase online.

The publication reports that one Facebook user wrote: “I get it that some girls are tiny but most of our coochies just don’t fit that way.”

“Oh my gosh the sticker even too wide is a crack up,” said another.

“You need to be completely bald and even a single step I would be flapping or eating the material,” stated another shopper.

“Those are for ladies with a skinny mick,” another wrote.

Others commenting were less able to laugh at the bottoms and instead were, quite frankly, offended.

“Rather gross I think, I really don’t want to see your sex organs on display when I’m taking my kids to the beach/pool,” one person said.

“I reckon the designers don’t possess female anatomy themselves,” added another.

One person did try to make the most of the situation by saying: “An easy hack is to wear it backwards.”

I mean it's worth a try, but there are also a million other options to choose from.

Kmart isn’t the only store to divide shoppers’ opinions recently as last month, major fashion retailer H&M announced that they would be charging some customers a fee for returning items bought online.

Not a great day for shoppers, is it?

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Kmart Hacks & Decor / Kmart

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