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H&M brings in new £1.99 charge for nearly all customers

H&M brings in new £1.99 charge for nearly all customers

The charge may receive some mixed responses

H&M has brought in a brand-new £1.99 charge which will only affect certain customers.

The major fashion retailer has announced it will be charging some of its customers a fee of just under two quid if they want to return items bought online.

Shoppers now must fork out the extra cashola to return parcels either in store or online with the cost taken from their item's refund.

H&M has announced a new £1.99 charge to certain customers looking to return their items.
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So for any of you out there guilty of buying a humungous haul of clothes only to return 90 per cent of them after finding out they weren't really what you had in mind - you may want to bear this in mind next time you click checkout.

An H&M spokesperson told the BBC the move was first introduced over the summer.

Experts have since said that other fashion retailers could end up following suit - given the cost and faff of dealing with returned stock.

Retail expert, Jonathan De Mello, explained: "It's interesting that companies seem to be doing it by stealth, but it's a sensible thing to be doing."

He continued: "It makes economic sense, as it discourages shoppers from bulk buying online products and then returning the majority of them.

"That's been a real problem for companies."

While some customers may be a tad miffed at the charge, De Mello says most would totally understand the need for the company to make this decision.

The return charge is said to help combat the 'real problem' of customers bulk-buying for major retailers.
Mike Kemp / Contributor / Getty Images

Not only will the charge simplify some things for staff in warehouses - but it will also mean that shoppers will become more environmentally aware of their purchasing habits and the impact that deliveries and returns has on the planet.

Effectively, the idea is that the charge will mean there will be fewer returns which, in turn, means fewer delivery vehicles going up and down the country with stock.

However, De Mello did note that the decision could spark some backlash from people with disabilities who rely on online shopping.

H&M's official website informs customers: "Returns are free for all H&M Members!"

The company continued to explain: "There is a £1.99 return fee per return parcel to store or online for non-members which will be deducted from your refund.

"You will not be charged the fee if an item is determined to be faulty or incorrect so please make sure to note that information when registering your return.

"Please note that if you paid a delivery fee, this will only be refunded if you return all items from the original order."

A spokesperson for H&M told Tyla: "On returns, we strive to help our customers to find the right size and fit from the outset, in order to reduce the returns rate.

"As we have communicated before, we started charging a fee for online returns in multiple markets some time ago.

"This system is currently in place in a selection of countries in Europe, including the UK since the beginning of this summer and the rollout is continuing to more markets."

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