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Women say just a few drops of ‘luxurious’ bath oil made them ‘sleep for nine hours straight’

Women say just a few drops of ‘luxurious’ bath oil made them ‘sleep for nine hours straight’

Get ready to unwind and relax before bed...

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If you struggle to doze off, you might have wondered if there’s anything you could try to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep.

Well, women have been raving about a bath oil that made one fan ‘sleep for nine hours straight.’

Safe to say, it has certainly piqued our interest.

The bath oil combines a number of relaxing ingredients.

Cowshed's Intense Sleep Therapy Bath Oil is designed to promote ‘a sense of calm that will support a restful night's sleep,’ according to the brand.

But does it live up to the hype? It certainly seems so from the number of five-star reviews that it has received.

How do you use it?

As you might imagine, this product has been designed to be used as you enjoy a relaxing bath and should be poured under running water while you wait for your bath to fill up to a level that you’re happy to sink into.

And it’s not the only sleep product that Cowshed produces. They also have bath salts, a sleep fragrance oil and a candle in the same range, which can be used together or separately to get you ready for bed.

Or if you want to really go all out, there's the Essential Sleep Set which contains its pillow mist, bath salts and delicious-smelling travel candle, all packed together in one gorgeous gift box.

So, if you’re looking to continue the feelings of rest and relaxation into the rest of your bedtime routine or are a fan of the calming fragrance, you might want to check those out too.

The COWSHED sleep range includes three other products.

What ingredients does it include?

Combining ‘a potent blend of aromatic essential oils,’ the bath oil contains a number of ingredients known to aid sleep and relaxation.

There’s lavender, which is often one of the first fragrances that we think of when it comes to getting a better sleep. And it has been shown to help people drift off gently and naturally.

In addition to this, there is chamomile, which has also long been linked with sleep, as well as jasmine, which is thought to lift our mood.

Additionally, it blends frankincense, which is believed to ease stress, and geranium, another calming and soothing essential oil, with a sweet, floral fragrance to it, which is believed to reduce tension.

For those looking for cruelty-free and more sustainable beauty products, the bath oil is 100% vegetarian and has not been tested on animals. It doesn’t include parabens, mineral oils or silicones either.

The bath oil has plenty of 5-star reviews.

What are customers saying?

One happy customer exclaimed: ‘I've tried many relaxing bath oils but this is the best ever.’ While a second shared: ‘A hot bath and a few drops of this wonderful smelling oil and I slept for 9 hours, which is a total miracle for me. Highly recommended.’

Another shopper even remarked that they would give it 6 out of 5 stars, if they could. They outlined, ‘Brilliant value for money. Obviously a great aroma. Non greasy feeling. Can’t give it 6 out of 5 stars.’

You can shop the full range at

Featured Image Credit: Taisiia Stupak/Unsplash and COWSHED

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