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Women say their cracked lips are ‘smoother overnight’ after using £21 sleep balm

Women say their cracked lips are ‘smoother overnight’ after using £21 sleep balm

The viral lip product has a number of impressive ingredients.

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You’ll most likely be familiar with standard lip balms, which help to keep your pout moisturised all year round.

You might not be so familiar with a lip sleeping mask. But women are praising this innovative lip product with some claiming it's transformed their dry and cracked lips overnight.

Priced at £21, the LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask comes in a variety of flavours. There’s the Original Berry, as well as Vanilla, Mango, Sweet Candy and Gummy Bear.

And it's gone viral during a time when we’ve been inundated with new lip oils, stains and glosses, gaining a devoted fan base along the way.

So, if you ever struggle with dry or cracked lips, or are looking to add a moisturising lip product to your skincare routine, here’s what you need to know about the much-loved sleep balm.

The lip mask comes in a variety of sweet flavours.

How does it work?

As you might expect from the name, you apply this lip sleeping mask before bed as the final step in your nighttime skincare routine.

To save you from having to dip your fingers into the tub, which can transfer dirt, bacteria and oil into it – even if you’ve washed your hands beforehand – the LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask comes with an applicator which allows you to apply the product directly to your lips.

You can apply as little or as much as you’d like to but covering your lips evenly should be the perfect amount to wake up with soft and nourished lips.

The lip product has gone viral across social media.

And in the morning you can either wipe any remaining mask off your lips, or you can leave it on to keep getting the benefits from it. Some shoppers even recommend using it during the day to add a juicy sheen to your pout.

The sleep balm also includes a number of ingredients to help add moisture back into the lips. First and foremost there’s hyaluronic acid, which is great for maintaining hydration levels.

Then there’s a mixture of berry extracts – raspberry, strawberry, cranberry and blueberry – which are rich in antioxidants and help to give your lips a smooth and supple appearance. While coconut oil, shea butter and murumuru seed butter all work to nourish and replenish the lips overnight.

Shoppers have been really impressed by it.

What are customers saying?

One happy customer took to the LOOKFANTASTIC website to gush: “I suffer with dry cracked lips but after one treatment I noticed my lips were smoother overnight. I use it sometimes as a day lip balm too. The pot seems to be endless and I can see it lasting me well over a year- even using it daily!”

Another said: “I usually re-apply lip balm every 30-60 mins throughout the day but I’m noticing I’m only doing it around 3x per day now and that’s only to add a bit of gloss.

"My lips usually get so dry, feel thinned out & sometimes cracked, but since using this I’m waking up with plump smooth lips and they’re staying that way - plus conditioned through the day. 10/10.”

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