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Inflatable hot tub has £244 off at Wilko - It's perfect for this week's heatwave

Inflatable hot tub has £244 off at Wilko - It's perfect for this week's heatwave

They're actually a savvy summer investment

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Picture this: summer is finally here and you're relaxing in a hot tub in your back garden, bubble jet stream on and cold drink in hand.

Sounds ideal, right?

Hot tubs might have been all the rage during lockdown in 2020, but they're still all the rage come summer — and with a heap of retailers offering early discounts ahead of the expected bank holiday heatwave, there's never been a better time to snap one up.

A hot tub doesn't have to be a dream, it could be a reality in your own backyard.

Designed to 'melt stress away', this Canadian Spa Company Grand Rapids 4 Person Inflatable Spa from Wilko is super easy to set up, allowing you to just 'plug in, fill up, and unwind'. Sounds ideal to us.

And with Wilko currently offering a generous £244 discount (down from £499), the hot tub can fit four people, has 110 massage air jets that 'will make you feel like royalty' and built-in aromatherapy for that added relaxing touch.

I mean at this point, it's sounding like a spa in your back garden and that sounds like the perfect way to spend the extra long weekend — especially as it promises to be hot and sunny.


In fact, the Met Office's long-range forecast predicts temperatures could reach as high as 20°C on Sunday May 5 and Monday May 6.

Temperatures are also predicted to get warmer across the rest of May, so a bagging a bargain now should come in handy over the summer months too.

If you're looking for even more space to relax in then The Range has joined in on the hut tub action with this Inflatable Whirlpool hot tub.

It has similar features to the Wilko tub, but also has 130 bubble jets for a 'soothing massage experience' as well as an in-tub heating system which can heat the water to up to 40°C, so technically you could be enjoying warm waters in winter... if that's your thing.

This Whirlpool Inflatable hot tub can fit up to six people and could be ideal for this summer.
The Range

The Range Whirlpool tub will set you back a bit more, but it's still got £26 off and if you know you'll be using it a lot then it could work out as a pretty savvy buy when you weigh up cost per use.

Plus if you keep your fingers crossed (and pray the Met Office is right) for a hot summer, then you could be getting in it nearly every weekend and then it's practically paying for itself...

Featured Image Credit: Arebos/ The Range/ Unsplash/ Svetlana Gumerova

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