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Woman issues warning about Facebook Marketplace following ‘disturbing’ new trend when selling clothes

Woman issues warning about Facebook Marketplace following ‘disturbing’ new trend when selling clothes

Men were messaging her with unusual requests

There seems to be no such thing as a completely safe online shopping experience, especially when it comes to social media.

For one woman, an innocent Facebook Marketplace listing lift her feeling icky when a man bounced into her DMs.

There are all kinds of people online these days who are always on the hunt to get off on those around them.

Apparently, the Marketplace is no exception.

According to reports, this comes after a surge of men took to online markets to use 'dating tactics' to entice young women or to solicit pictures of them.

This time, however, a woman came out to express her horror over a listed pair of Doc Martins and the responses she got.

Cheyenne Skye, from Melbourne was only interested in selling her shoes for $200 towards a nose job, but she was given much more than she’d bargained for.

She said on TikTok: “Turns out you can sell your shoes on Marketplace without actually selling them, and still make money.

“This person messaged me saying ‘Hey this might sound a little strange but if I paid you $50 on the spot would you be able to meet up at a park or something and let me lick the soles of the boots? Totally weird but I will genuinely pay you for it’.”

He then increased his price for $100 when she didn't respond to his request.

She continued: “Exhibit two, ‘It might be a little strange but may I lick your boots when you are wearing them?’”

She even explained how she had been asked to get the shoes dirty and lick them.

With so many requests coming in, her commenters urged her to be safe online.

One woman wrote: “$50??!! $200 at least for the traumatic experience.”

Another woman was messaged regarding his zipper fetish, according to the Daily Mail.

The woman was harassed over shoes. TikTok/ _cheyenneskye_
The woman was harassed over shoes. TikTok/ _cheyenneskye_

The Sydney native was selling a pair of jeans that didn't fit and didn’t understand the interest from a man.

But she soon found out his motive when he asked about other jeans and their zips too, wanting to buy them all.

According to her, he said: “Can you send me a pic of the zip on those if that's possible? I'm happy to pay what you want if you want more for them.

“On the metal zip itself there's letters stamped there.”

He then explained why he was so interested in the zipper and wrote to her: “I'm guessing you're curious about why the zip, I hope there's no judgement.

“I love YKK zippers so much on women's jeans. I hope that's alright.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/_cheyenneskye_/Facebook

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