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Emma Watson leaves fans baffled by her 'optical illusion' 'gravity-defying' dress

Emma Watson leaves fans baffled by her 'optical illusion' 'gravity-defying' dress

Fans couldn't quite wrap their heads around the concept

Emma Watson has left fans stumped after she shared a snap of herself donning a 'gravity-defying' dress.

The 33-year-old took to Instagram earlier this week to share with her 72 million followers the latest looks to fill her summer wardrobe.

One particular outfit, however, has left her adoring fans beyond puzzled as they desperately try to make sense of the optical illusion dress.

Fans can't quite figure out the dress.

Watson posted a series of snaps alongside her brother, Alex, for his new gin brand, Renais.

In one of the photos - and there were a few - the star can be seen wearing a totally strapless pale blue dress with some pretty eye-grabbing asymmetric detailing along the bust of the garment.

The bottom half of the dress - from designer Loewe’s spring 2023 collection - seems to just effortlessly drape down while, at the same time, the top part totally defies the laws of physics as it juts right up into the air.

The post has since gone viral after clocking up nearly two million likes and thousands of comments from people eager to share their reactions to the bizarre garment.

People couldn't help but reference Harry Potter and the Wizarding World in a desperate hope to make sense of how it stayed in place.

One Instagram user posted: "The dress said wingardium leviosa."

A second echoed: "What in the wingardium leviosa is that dress?"

A third dubbed the stylish piece the 'most Hogwarty dress ever'.

Some likened the dress to an 'upside-down umbrella'.

Many were totally baffled by it, with one asking: "Someone make the dress make sense pls."

"The dress looks like it's floating," pointed out a second, "I'm trying to understand."

A third wondered: "How is that dress on your body? Hanging from your ears?"

"I’m so happy I’m not the only one who thought the dress is defying gravity," revealed a fourth.

Another confused fan admitted: "After reading through comments I feel less bad about how long I had to stare at her dress to figure out what was happening."

Others, however, took the opportunity to roast the slightly alternative design.

"I'm all for sustainable fashion but ma'am are you wearing an upside-down umbrella?" joked one Instagram user.

A second chimed in: "Why are you wearing a broken umbrella?"

A third added: "The dress looks like when the underwire in my bra breaks."

The optical illusion clearly jarred a lot of people.

"I think someone forgot to take the hangers out of her dress before she put it on," penned a fourth.

A few people have since come to the rescue to explain the fashion phenomenon.

One Instagram user informed: "The dress has pieces in it that make it stand up. If you zoom in on the image you can see that it's just the way the dress was fashioned."

A less patient fashionista hit out: "People, come on! The dress is not 'hanging from her ears' or 'Photoshopped', the dress is designed to have 'bones', it’s just couture. Never seen the Met Gala and its over the top gowns?"


A final Instagram user pointed out: "There are wire points going upward. If you zoom in you can see wear the dress is formed to her chest and then points dart away from the body. You can tell because the tips are all sewn for wiring placement."

Well, I guess that's that then.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Instagram/@emmawatson

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