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Women claim they ’saw results in one week’ after trying ‘game-changer’ retinol cream

Women claim they ’saw results in one week’ after trying ‘game-changer’ retinol cream

The impressive product takes a staggered approach to retinol use

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Retinol is one of the best ingredients that you could add to your skincare routine. Not only is it a powerful anti ageing ingredient but it also exfoliates your skin to reveal brighter and smoother skin. And if you’ve been thinking about trying out a retinol or retinoid more generally, one retinol cream in particular has been an absolute ‘game-changer’ for women.

Now, you might have heard of retinol but Medik8’s Crystal Retinal and retinals in general, work over 10 times faster than traditional retinols.

So, if you’re looking for quick and noticeable results, this could be a great option for you. But that doesn’t mean that it will cause the skin any irritation. This particular cream starts at a particularly low percentage of retinal (0.01%), which is ideal for sensitive skin types or those trying out a retinol product for the very first time. It then goes up in increments all the way to 0.2% retinal. But you do have to work your way up to this amount as this is only recommended for those who have been using retinoids for a while already.

Because this is a higher percentage, it in turn affects the price, with Medik8’s 0.01% Crystal Retinal 1 costing £45, compared to the 0.2% Crystal Retinal which comes in at £99. But could retinal work for you and your skin concerns? Keep reading to find out more…

What ingredients does it include?

As you might expect, retinal (or retinaldehyde) is one of the main ingredients in this face cream. And retinal can work for a variety of different skin types and concerns. It’s especially effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while it works just as effectively on uneven skin texture and hyperpigmentation.

Medik8’s retinal formula also includes a number of hydrating ingredients.

You might be familiar with hyaluronic acid but if you’re not, it essentially improves and maintains moisture levels in the skin, leaving it looking plump and hydrated. Additionally, the Crystal Retinal benefits from glycerin and vitamin E, as well, which trap moisture within the skin and protects the skin from damage, respectively.

The product should be applied nightly.

When should I apply retinol or a retinal?

This product should be used as part of your nighttime skincare routine and that’s because retinoids, whether that be a retinal or retinol, can make your skin sensitive to the sun. So, by applying it at night you give your skin some time to recover before exposing it to the UV rays of the sun. However, you’ll also want to make sure that you use SPF on any areas that you’ve applied the retinoid to the day after, just in case you’re not already wearing SPF on the daily.

Ideally, you’ll want to apply it after your cleanser and any serums or toners that you might use but before your moisturiser. And if you’ve not used a retinoid before or have particularly sensitive skin, it’s recommended that you only apply it twice a week to begin with. You can then start to build this up, with some applying theirs on a nightly basis once they’ve built up their tolerance to it.

Shoppers have been impressed by the results.

What are customers saying?

With thousands of five-star reviews, shoppers have taken to the Medik8 website in their droves to share their thoughts.

One posted: “I am only on the lowest of this product but can already see a difference in the tightening and brightness of my skin. Just about to buy my 2nd tube.”

While another added: “My skin has never looked so good since using this! My fine lines are reduced so no need for botox anymore (I know I can't believe it!) And my skin tone is more even. With the routine care I would not be without this product.”

The Medik8 Crystal Retinal is available directly from the Medik8 website as well as the likes of Space NK, Cult Beauty, LOOKFANTASTIC and Sephora UK.

Featured Image Credit: Medik8

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