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Woman Writes To Tampax To Find Out If Boyfriend Is Cheating

Woman Writes To Tampax To Find Out If Boyfriend Is Cheating

Fairy play to Tampax!

A woman on TikTok has shared how Tampax helped her find out if her boyfriend was cheating.

The woman - who goes by the name of @loissa4 on TikTok - explained how she had found a tampon, and a mascara under her boyfriend's wardrobe.

But when her partner denied all knowledge, she decided to do some investigations for herself - and the results were very interesting to say the least.

You can watch the clip below:

In the video, she explained: "When you find a tampon and mascara under your bf wardrobe and they deny everything, you have to investigate for yourself."

Adding: "He's in denial he's had a girl here."

Lois then showed screengrabs of an email she had sent to Tampax, to try and understand how old the tampon was.

In the email, she wrote: "I have a tampon with the code 93452080N2 on the side. It's yellow, regular. Can you tell me when it was manufactured?

"I found it in my boyfriend's draw so I am doing some investigation. Thank you."

The woman found the tampon under the wardrobe (

And Tampax were more than happy to help, replying to Lois' email with all the information she needed to understand when the tampon could have been placed there.

"Hi Lois... The code on the wrapper (or on the box of the tampons) is the production code, and indicates the date the tampons were manufactured.

"Based on the code you provided, the tampon in your photo was made on December 11, 2019."

"#tampax had my back," she wrote.

The woman found the tampon (

And other users were loving it, with one person writing: "Tampax customer service deserves an 10/10."

While another said: "Men really don’t realise how smart we are tho."

And a third added: "Grace at tampax deserves a pay rise."

Tampax themselves even commented on the video, writing: "International ✨super spy✨."

Fair play, Tampax!

Featured Image Credit: Alamy

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