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Dating App User 'Baffled' After Receiving No Matches Realises Her Error

Dating App User 'Baffled' After Receiving No Matches Realises Her Error

Jessica did make a new best mate, however!

A woman who wondered why she wasn't getting any matches on a dating app was shocked when she found out the reason why.

Newly single Jessica Walker, 26, from Florida, installed Hinge at the start of April, but was confused when she didn't get any matches.

It was only when Taylor McManus, 22, contacted Jessica on the dating app that she realised she'd somehow made an error when creating her profile.

Jessica was confused when she wasn't getting any matches (
Kennedy News and Media)

Taylor claimed that Jessica was appearing in his feed and showing up 'on gay men's profiles', leaving Jessica baffled and assuming she must have created her settings incorrectly.

But in an adorable twist, the pair have now become firm friends.

"I was newly single and I didn't know how to use Hinge, I was so confused," says Jessica.

"I wasn't getting any likes, it was making me question who I was as a woman. I'd just been liking guys' profiles because they were all really cute.

"Then when Taylor told me I'd put my settings on to gay men, it made sense.

"Every profile was saying 'looking for a cute country boy', and I was like 'why does it say that? I'm looking for a boy too!'

"I don't know how this happened but later that day I was able to view straight men so I don't know how it happened.

"It's so funny. Maybe I was just supposed to meet Taylor this way, it's so odd.

"When he reached out to tell me, I thought it was very funny and it was just my luck. I sent it to all my girlfriends and I was just like 'why is my life this way?'

"But Taylor was so sweet in how he told me."

Taylor messaged her to explain (
Kennedy News and Media)

Jessica isn't sure how she got her settings wrong, but believes she may have been 'supposed' to meet Taylor through her dating app fail.

Taylor, also from Florida, adds: "My first thought when I saw her profile was 'she is so cute, she is really pretty'.

"There are no young people here in this small town, so I needed to reach out to her. I already knew we were going to be friends just based on the vibe of her profile.

"Her profile had her having wine and a picnic on the beach, and I thought 'that looks fun'.

"But I also knew I needed to help this girl out, because she's obviously not going to meet any men if she's matching with gay guys.

"I thought 'she must not know this had happened', so I knew I needed to let her know. I didn't feel bad for her, but I did think it was funny."

The pair are now BFFs (
Kennedy News and Media)

"I wanted to reach out to her to see if we'd be friends, and now we are," Taylor continues.

"We both come to each other when we're having boy problems. Immediately, she'll be my go-to friend.

"We've learnt a lot of information about each other very quickly. It feels like we've known each other for a very long time.

"We'll meet up and dish in person, because over the phone can be difficult sometimes."

Hinge has been contacted for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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