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Women Are Sharing Their Safety Tips For Going On Dates

Women Are Sharing Their Safety Tips For Going On Dates

There are so many incredible tips here!

Women are sharing their safety tips for going on dates, from tips on how much information you should give away on social media to whether you should drink alcohol.

One woman urged other Reddit users to avoid sharing personal information on dating apps. They said: “Never put down your employer or school name on a dating app. You’d be surprised by what people can find out googling just your first name + employer and/or school.”

You should seriously consider how much information you share on dating apps (

Some women tried dry dating - going on dates without drinking booze - during Dry January this year. Similarly, one Reddit user suggested avoiding alcohol and smoking could help to make you feel safe during a get together. “Don't get inebriated. Not with booze, not with pot, not with anything else,” they wrote. 

“It will not only cloud your judgement, but also dull your instincts and reflexes.”

Other women had tips about how to leave a date safely, from where to park your car to telling your friends or family about your whereabouts.

One person shared: “Park in a safe, busy, well lit place. I once went on a first date to a very popular restaurant. Yet the parking lot was so large I had to park around a loop about 2 blocks away, it was still the restaurant's parking lot but it was dark, and sandwiched between large shrubs and dumpsters. 

Some women recommended keeping your location visible to your friends when on a date (

“When my date (whom I knew fairly well) walked me back to my car, he could easily have taken advantage of that situation. 

“It's not a situation I would want to be in with a stranger. Even though most halfway decent guys will offer to walk you to your car, don't be afraid to say no if you don't know the man extremely well.”

While someone else emphasised the importance of listening to your gut. If your date has made you feel uncomfortable during the date, don’t be afraid to leave early.

“F*CK POLITENESS,” they began, “if you get a bad vibe do not ever be afraid of offending the guy by cutting off a date early.

"I'm not saying to deliberately provoke men but when they are making you uncomfortable do not try to soothe their ego by staying. 

Women are urging others to avoid parking in isolated areas (

“Even if they haven't done anything yet you can put your finger on just trust your intuition if you get a bad feeling and make a quick exit. I follow a lot of true crime and sadly many victims wind up in dangerous situations because they didn't want to be rude.”

And one Reddit poster said it might be best to avoid sharing your phone number before going on a date. “Do not give out your phone number until you’re ready for your date to know your full name and personal information. I’m a programmer and I can get almost any piece of info I want if I have a phone number, plenty of men can do the same.”

These are all incredible tips.

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