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Woman shares her rules for a first date and it's pretty spot on

Woman shares her rules for a first date and it's pretty spot on

People are loving the list

A woman has shared a list of rules she always follows on a first date - and people are pretty impressed.

Sharing the list on TikTok, Eli - who goes by @thejarr on the video streaming platform - explained she has a list of rules she abides by when she's off on a first date.

From which day of the week to organise a first date, to what to wear and what to eat, people are pretty impressed with the advice, while others took to the comments to share their own nuggets of dating wisdom.

You can watch the clip below:

In the video, Eli kicked things off by explaining the most 'elite' date day is a Thursday.

"On a Thursday, you can say to somebody, what are your plans for Saturday?", she explains.

"And then you can go out with them on a Saturday, or get Sunday brunch. It's the perfect closeness to the weekend where you can make plans for a second date before Monday and then you know how you feel about them before the new week starts."

Eli shared the list on TikTok.

Eli went on to list the perfect number of drinks to have pre-date, as well as what music to listen to while you're getting ready.

"Number four, you do not need to be texting a person all day every day before you go on a first date with them," Eli continued.

"You don't know them, don't become a pen pal before. You want to get to know them in person, not over the phone."

For her fifth rule, Eli suggested planning first dates on the same night as single friends.

"All of you are going to get together, all of you are going to pre-game together, all of you are going to get ready together and then all of you are going to go on a first date and then you're gonna come home and regroup, it's really fun,' she said.

People were loving the first date tips.
Tero Vesalainen/Alamy Stock Photo

Other rules on Eli's list include always having a drink to hold on the date, not adding your number to their contacts until the third date, having topics to discuss in case you run out of conversation and letting your family or friends know you're safe by texting them a thumbs up emoji.

We've listed Eli's full rules below:

  1. It's a Thurday
  2. 1.5 glasses pregame rule
  3. The Ariana Grande rule
  4. Don't become a pen pal before
  5. Plan first dates on the same night as your friends
  6. Bevvies are king
  7. The Canadian tuxedo to eff me sweater pipeline
  8. You don't add their contact until the third date
  9. Light manipulative tactics...psychology
  10. The comedic trauma rule
  11. Spicy sexy sharing is caring rule
  12. You thank them in person but don't text first after UNLESS 'text when you're home'
  13. If u run out of convos, 'what's your top five fave albums', 'dessert island'
  14. The [thumbs up] rule
  15. You make tentative plans for after

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Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@thejarr

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