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Dating coach shares list of red flags to watch out for in a relationship

Dating coach shares list of red flags to watch out for in a relationship

Have you experienced any of these?

A dating coach has revealed his list of red flags to look out for in a relationship.

Jacob Lucas, 30, is a professional dating coach from Westbury, Wiltshire. According to him, there's a list of things we shouldn't be putting up with in a relationship.

The list was shared in three separate videos on TikTok.

"I decided to make these videos because I talk to many women across the world," says Jacob.

"There's a lot of women experiencing the same negative situations with their partners.

"I wanted to raise awareness so women know to identify these negative behaviours from men and know that they do not need to be tolerated in a relationship."

In his first video, Jacob calls out boyfriends who tell girlfriends what they can and can't wear, who they can and can't be friends with and those that say they find other girls more attractive than their own girlfriend.

A second clip saw Jacob claim a boyfriend should never control what his girlfriend spends her money on, what she should or shouldn't eat, and when she can and can't go out.

Meanwhile, the red flag list continues in his third and final video. According to Jacob, liking other women's photos on social media, continuing to talk to their ex and telling their girlfriend they could get other partners if they wanted to are all huge no-nos.

Out of all the red flags Jacob listed, he has a 'top three' which he believes are the worst.

Jacob shared the list in videos on TikTok.

His first one is telling a girlfriend what she can and can't wear.

"Men do this because of insecurities and controlling behaviours. They try to project their own emotions onto the relationship which impacts the women," he says.

"Some men try to control what women wear because they get insecure that other men will look at their partner.

"This then starts controlling behaviours in the relationship that can quickly snowball and leak into other areas of the relationship.

"These men need to work on their own self confidence and allow the woman to wear whatever makes her happy.

"What a woman wears can make her feel more confident and happy about herself and her partner should support this."

Many women could relate.

His second choice is telling a woman what she should weigh, or what she should or shouldn't eat.

Meanwhile, his third major red flag was a person who controls who their partner should and shouldn't have as friends.

"Abusive partners will do this because they want to isolate their partners so they don't have a support network," he explains.

"This is very common amongst abusive partners. It starts off by them planting doubts about certain friends.

"Then before it is too late they have isolated them from all their friends making the victim co-dependent upon the abuser.

"It's a very sad and hard position for anyone to be in and if anyone sees this behaviour exhibited towards them they need to remove themselves from that relationship."

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