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Red heads are ‘better in bed’, according to science

Red heads are ‘better in bed’, according to science

Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, Emma Stone are some of the most famous redheads around.

Prince Harry, Ed Sheeran, Emma Stone have some pretty lucky partners, according to science.

Several studies have suggested that our redheaded friends are 'better in the bed' than those with brunette or blonde hair.

Apparently, their physical characteristics and genetic makeup make them out to be a natural in the sack.

Notorious redhead, Ed Sheeran.

According to author of The Redhead Encyclopedia, Stephen Douglas, redheads have a certain 'sweet and musky' scent on their skin.

This fragrance, cause by particular pheromones, can make people with red hair even more appealing to some.

Redheads also have this specific gene, called the MC1R gene, which is connected to their distinct colouration.

This gene makes the individual more sensitive to touch than men and women with other hair colours.

A researcher from the University of Hamburg found that red-haired people also have more sex than their blonde or brunette counterparts do.

The study claims that, whether they are single or in a committed relationship, redheads are more sexually active than people with other hair colours, and even have a higher orgasm rate.

Ginger women are said to have the highest orgasm rate of all hair types, at 41 percent.

And, according to another study, red-hair, especially in women, correlate with 'various traits related to sexual life, namely with higher sexual desire'.

Sex Researcher Professor, Dr Werner Habermehl, said: “The sex lives of women with red hair were clearly more active than those with other hair colour, with more partners and having sex more often than the average.

“The research shows that the fiery redhead certainly lives up to her reputation.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

However, along with the benefits comes the double-edged sword, as redheads also have a higher pain threshold when it comes to feeling hot and cold temperatures.

During last year's heatwave in the UK, Showcase Cinemas decided to offer a helping hand by offering free cinema tickets to redheads so they can chill in the cool, air-conditioned space.

Mark Barlow, UK general manager for Showcase Cinemas, said: “While the UK enjoys some much-needed sunny weather, we know how hard some people find the heat.

"That’s why to tackle the heatwave, we’re offering red heads free entry to our cinema screens this Monday and Tuesday, so they’ll be able to enjoy some of the amazing films on offer in the comfort of our air-conditioned cinema screens and ensure they stay protected from the sun."

And redheads will probably be hoping for the same offer if last year was anything to go by.

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