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People Baffled By Woman's 'Red Flag' On Tinder Date

People Baffled By Woman's 'Red Flag' On Tinder Date

This girl's dating red flags sparked a mixed reaction online

When it comes to Tinder it can be hard to know what to expect, as one woman found out.

TikTok user Em Dog Millionaire shared the details of how one first date from Tinder was full of red flags and stopped her dating for over three years.

In the clip, shared with her 142.5k followers, Emma describes how a bad date progressively got worse to the point of being 'awful'.

Emma opens with setting the scene for "this was my first Tinder date after getting out of my relationship since high school. My first ever Tinder date, and it was AWFUL".

Watch the video here:

However it's not how bad the date was that caught the attention of TikTok viewers, but instead Emma's red flags that seem to have sparked outrage.

Emma describes how when it came to arranging to meeting up in real life, her date mentioned he couldn't drive. In the video, Emma notes: "That's a red flag."

However, not many other TikTok users agreed,

One user commented: "How is not driving a red flag, though?"

Another echoed this, writing: "How is not driving a red flag? You being bothered about that is a red flag."

A third commented: "Why is not driving a red flag though? Many people don’t own a car, it’s pretty normal."

One user even asked if they would be considered a red flag for not having their licence: "I’m sorry but, red flag for not driving? I’m legally blind and cannot drive. Does that mean I’m a red flag."

Emma continued to explain about further red flags on her date including him not paying. (
TikTok/Em Dog Millionnaire)

However some users thought Emma was completely right to see it as a flag. One wrote: "not driving is 100% red flag. Every guy on tinder I talked to lost it either drink driving or speeding and then they brag about it. Not cute."

Another said: "If a man isn’t going to pick you up and pay for your meal then swipe left, a gentleman would never make a women pay or pick her up!"

In the video, Emma went on to describe how when the pair went for food, he questioned whether he should be paying for her. Emma recalls him asking: "Do I have to pay for you?"

As if that wasn't bad enough, the pair then went on to see a movie and after Emma pointed out she didn't want to see the latest Jurassic World film, her date bought tickets for that film.

Emma explained more and more red flags as the date went on. (
TikTok/Em Dog Millionnaire)

Some users were even surprised that Emma stuck the date out after being forced to pay for her own meal and going to see a movie that she didn't want to see.

One user commented: "Its unbelievable I will never pickup a man for a first date and pay no away."

Emma was quick to clarify at the end of her video that not all Tinder dates are bad, and that after three years she did find "the man of my dreams."

Lucky for him he has a car hey?

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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