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Woman who married her duvet says it’s the ‘most intimate relationship she’s ever had’

Woman who married her duvet says it’s the ‘most intimate relationship she’s ever had’

"Everybody loves their duvet".

We’re often told to spend more time in bed to ensure we get enough sleep however one woman has taken this one step further.

In 2019, Pascale Sellick tied the knot with her duvet, describing it as the most ‘intimate’ and ‘reliable’ relationship she’s ever had.

You can watch her talk about her unique bond with the duvet below:

Pascale wore slippers and pyjamas at the ceremony, which took place in Exeter on Valentine’s Day that year, in front of 120 guests.

Prior to the ceremony, Pascale sat down with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby for an interview on This Morning alongside her duvet fiancé and their wedding planner Anna Fitzgerald.

“It was love at first sight, I think,” she said.

“I’ve had other duvets before, but always loyal to this one.”

We’ve all felt the heartbreak of parting from our duvets on a cold and dark morning, but for Pascale the ‘warm comfort’ from the duvet has blossomed into something more substantial.

Pascale and her duvet before the wedding.

“It’s always there for me,” she said while wrapping the duvet closer to her body.

“In times of sadness, in times of happiness, I can rely on my duvet.”

Even Phillip said he loves his duvet and said he didn’t want to get up on the morning of the interview, which is a big admission from a morning TV host.

In fact, co-presenters and lifelong pals Holly and Phillip admitted they wished they'd brought their duvets in to work for the interview too.

Anna, the wedding planner, helped to organise the music, the after-party and ‘behind the scenes-y bits’. She also encouraged the general public to come along to be extra inclusive. If someone had never been a bridesmaid or a flower boy before but really wanted to be, they were welcomed into the fold with open arms.

The dress code was naturally dressing gowns, teddy bears, onesies and slippers.

Pascale, her duvet and Anna the wedding planner on This Morning.

Meanwhile, Pascale's human boyfriend Johnny apparently was understanding about the wedding, with Pascale explaining he was on board because she was marrying her duvet 'for art'.

"He's not very jealous of my duvet," she said.

And in case you were wondering, Johnny shares the duvet and the duvet apparently isn't jealous about it either.

Pascale’s relationship with her duvet is not sexual and is actually ‘a close friendship’ and the wedding is an art project of sorts to highlight loneliness in society.

She shared how her then-upcoming ceremony was meant to be a symbol of self-love and self-care, especially for those of us who feel lonely, particularly around Valentine’s Day.

She said: “It’s kind of a message around Valentine’s people can feel sometimes a little bit lonely, so it’s like actually you know what, take some time for self-worth, self-care and have some time under your duvet and marry your bedding. Why not?

“Everybody loves their duvet!”

Featured Image Credit: ITV

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