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Woman shares ‘slightly twisted’ hack that stops her boyfriend cheating that ‘100 percent works’

Woman shares ‘slightly twisted’ hack that stops her boyfriend cheating that ‘100 percent works’

A woman shares her 'slightly twisted' hack she uses as a 'cheating prevention strategy' for her man

A woman has shared her 'slightly twisted' hack to stop her boyfriend cheating that she believes '100 percent works'.

Australian Jana Hocking revealed her sneaky trick, which involves a 'sexy little bra and panties set'.

Hocking pulls out this plan when her 'man-of-the-moment' is heading on a lads' night out and she's having a cosy night in.

The dating guru says that tried-and-tested trick is her 'cheating prevention strategy' to stop him from even looking at another woman while he's out with the boys.

So when he's stopping by first, she'll be waiting in her sexy underwear and cloak of perfume.

Hocking writes: "You see, he’s dropping his car off at my place first and heading out after he says a quick hello.

"What he doesn’t know is that quick hello is going to turn into a literal quickie."

Jana is a dating guru.

She says her 'savvy' trick isn't only because she doesn't want him cheating, but also because 'he is ridiculously sexy and just the sight of him makes me want to drop to my knees'

Jana said it's not so much she suspects her partner will cheat, but she knows even the 'nicest guys' will have a crack.

"Lordy, the amount of single women I know who are currently having flings with married men would shock you," she writes.

"So is it crazy to try this sexy little hack before your man heads out for a night of chest thumping, and beer skolling? Nope."

And believe it or not, Hocking didn't totally come up with this idea herself as she took inspiration from Kyle Sandilands on The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

He said: "Here’s a tip – sorry, fellas, I’m going to throw you under the bus. Ladies, if your guy goes out a lot, like every Friday with the boys, and you think, ‘Oh, I’m not liking this’, make sure he goes out balls empty.

“Balls empty means he ain’t going to do anything, he’s not going to look at anyone.”

Jana wears a 'sexy set' to stop him from cheating.
Skylar King/Pexels

Hocking said she even checked this theory with a male friend who backed it up: "100 per cent that method works.

"Pamela Anderson could offer herself up on a plate, but if I’ve just emptied my ball sack, she doesn’t stand a chance. All I want is a back scratch and some sleep."

The trickster does say other than it stopping her man from cheating, it bonds the pair too and she remains on his mind for the rest of the night.

"It keeps the relationship exciting, a little bit saucy and most importantly it keeps the sex life thriving," she says.

"Plus, we both get to experience a big O before he enjoys the freedom of his boys night without me blowing up his phone with texts asking when he is coming home."

Hocking says her methods might be 'toxic' but we are all 'primal beings', writing: "So whip out those sexy knickers girls. It’s worth it."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@jana_hocking

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