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People Can't Believe This Man's Description On Hinge Profile

People Can't Believe This Man's Description On Hinge Profile

More like un-Hinge-d, am I right?

Ah, the dating world. After a year away from swiping right and awkward first dates at All Bar One, we’ve fallen head-first back into navigating our old dating apps in a bid to find Mr. Right – or at least, Mr. Right Now.

Tinder is old hat now, with Hinge being the dating app du jour thanks to its attempts to match us with someone who we’re actually compatible with – but like all dating apps, you can find the odd eccentric lurking on there.

Case in point – this man right here.

Hinge is how many people are meeting their baes (

In a post shared on Twitter, user @_haaniyah_ showed their followers this bizarre response to a question one man wrote.

When asked to finish the sentence ‘I’m a regular at’, the man wrote: “Making a girl laugh uncontrollably. I’ll make her laugh so hard she snorts like a lil piggy.”

He finished his sentence with the delightful: “Oink oink girl, you mine now.”

We’re not sure what upsets us more, the downright weird answer or the unironic use of the word ‘lil.’

The response prompted some raised eyebrows on Twitter (
Twitter - @_haaniyah_)

Naturally, the good people of Twitter found this man’s response equally as strange.

This just reminded me I need to delete this s**t off my phone,” one person responded, fairly adding: “Dating is hell.”

Another person wrote: “This makes me wanna never laugh again. What’s he going to do next, steal my face?”

While a third agreed: “I feel Hinge is the worst of these dating apps.”

However, not everyone was against the response. Adding the embarrassed emoji, one person wrote: “This is cute to me.”

Each to your own, we guess.

One woman said Hinge was the worst of dating apps (
In other Hinge news, one woman was left horrified when the app suggested they found their perfect match – and then presented her with her brother’s profile.

Actress and comedian Rosie Holt was swiping through Hinge when she spotted the all-too-familiar smiling face of sibling Charlie Holt as her top potential match.

Sharing the hilarious news with her 100,000 Twitter followers, Rosie showed the purple banner above his profile preview containing the baffling alert, saying "most compatible: Charlie and Rosie, we think you two should meet."

Rosie captioned the image: "Hinge has just suggested I match with my brother. FML.”

Yikes. We might start deleting those dating apps.

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