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Gwyneth Paltrow Is Now Selling 'Outdoor Sex Toys'

Gwyneth Paltrow Is Now Selling 'Outdoor Sex Toys'

Keep it discreet!

Gwyneth Paltrow's lifestyle brand, Goop, has already made waves within the wellness industry.

The company's in-your-face labelling (see: 'This Candle Smells Like My Vagina'), and products like jade eggs for your vagina, have divided opinion across the globe; and her latest drop looks set to further ruffle yet more feathers, as the film star-turned-entrepreneur launches a range of 'outdoor sex toys'.

Goop has released some discreet sex toys. [

The range of vibrators, which start at £117 (£157.43), are designed to discreetly fit into your 'panties' without the world knowing.

While al-fresco gratification is encouraged, Goop stress that the legal lines of public sex can be particularly blurred and "difficult to defend".

Goop added: "If you think being directly watched - or directly watching someone else - is what would get you off, it's best to seek a local community or club focused on exhibitionism and voyeurism where consent to these activities is part of the picture".

"If the thrill for you isn't being seen but instead in the idea that you could get caught: The key is to explore with the consent of all parties and in a way that keeps you safe".

The toys are for discreet use. [

"Some paths you could take involve selfies, home videos, or the kind of remote-control vibrators that you can secure in your underwear or slip into your vagina".

Goop has previously come under fire for its 'rebranding' of sex, love and bodies. The wellness company has been criticised for using 'natural practices' to help with sex and the menopause.

The brand's promotion of Yoni eggs have particularly drawn scrutiny, as government lawyers sued the company for £145,000 (almost $200,000) back in 2018. Goop claimed that golden eggs could help 'fix your hormone levels' and 'control your bladder'.

Goop has been met with criticism in the past. [

The star spoke to Ellen DeGeneres about how her son sees the company, and whether he's embarrassed by the products promoted by Goop.

"A few weeks ago - out of nowhere - he said, 'Mum, I was really embarrassed at first that Goop sold vibrators'".

He then told her it was "great" that she could sell her products free from stigma.

Goop sell a range of sex toys, including this 'Cadillac' wand, which retails at a whopping £920 ($1,148)!

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