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Grandad gets himself ready for first date in 30 years before he was stood up

Grandad gets himself ready for first date in 30 years before he was stood up

Our hearts broke for him

A Grandad has broken the hearts of TikTok after he shared an adorable video of himself getting ready for a date before sadly getting stood up.

89-year-old Grandad Joe, who has become a sensation on TikTok since starting his account in 2020, shared the video of himself getting ready for his first dinner date in 30 years. Sadly, the video ended with Joe revealing his date didn't show, leaving him to eat alone.

Watch the video here:

Captioning his video, Joe wrote: "Well that was fun," with a facepalm emoji.

In the video, we see Joe getting himself ready for his date as he reveals it will be his first dinner date in 30 years. Next, we see him sat at a table in a pub as he writes: "Waiting patiently" across the clip.

Still waiting, he then texts his date to see if she's running late or had messaged him to let him know she's on her way.

It doesn't end well for Joe though, as she reveals his date didn't show and he was left waiting for an hour before eating alone.

Grandad Joe took TikTok viewers along for his first date in 30 years.

Joe shared the video last month and comments have flooded in from other TikTok users who wanted to share their messages of support.

One user commented: "Awww I am so so sorry, but you look dashing as always," while another added: "Her loss Joe."

"Some people are just inconsiderate. Good riddance. You deserve someone kind," wrote another.

And a fourth added: "She missed the time of her life!!!!"

Joe's date never turned up.

Joe first shot to fame in 2020 when he began creating videos during lockdown, including in the shops and outdoor spots in his home of Lichfield, UK.

His TikTok account now boasts 6.2 million followers, with the unlikely social media star posting nearly every day.

Joe first joined the platform after being introduced by his then 15 year old granddaughter Brooke.

Speaking to the BBC in 2020, he explained: "She was doing all these weird dances that kids do on TikTok, and trying to get me lipsyncing."

Grandad Joe boasts an impressive 6.2 million followers.

However, Joe didn't join in until later, with his account quickly attracting followers and climbing to 6.2 million earlier this year.

Elsewhere on TikTok, the platform has announced it will be limiting screen time to under 18s, coming into effect in the coming weeks, with users under 18 needing to enter a passcode if they want to continue to use the app.

TikTok will also be introducing further protections for children by automatically setting profiles belonging to users aged 13 to 15 to be private.

Featured Image Credit: @grandadjoe1933/TikTok

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