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Aldi Is Looking For A Couple To Get Married In One Of Its Stores

Aldi Is Looking For A Couple To Get Married In One Of Its Stores

Keen Aldi shoppers will want to know everything about this.

Choosing the perfect wedding venue can be stress-inducing however the supermarket chain Aldi is keen to solve this.

Aldi shoppers could be in with a chance to have their nuptials at their favourite supermarket for free.

The wedding will be held at the Aldi Insights Center, which is the supermarket’s model store located at its US headquarters in Batavia, Illinois.

An Aldi employee will be on hand to officiate the ceremony and the store will be transformed into a gorgeous wedding venue.

The lucky couple won’t have to foot the bill for the usual destination wedding amenities because the company will cover travel and accommodation costs, hair and makeup, a photographer, custom wedding favours and a reception for the couple and up to 50 guests.

You could get married at Aldi.
Collins / Alamy Stock Photo

There will even be a romantic photoshoot in front of the store for the couple to cement their memories of what will surely be an unforgettable day.

After the winning couple says ‘I do,’ they will be treated to a feast of Aldi food and drinks – as will their guests – including a branded tiered wedding cake and sliders will also be on hand.

The wedding will take place in November.
Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo.

As another wonderful gesture, Aldi will gift the couple free shopping for a year in the form of Aldi gift cards worth $5,000 (£4,121.65).

To be in with a chance of winning, the couple must submit a short essay of around 500 words telling the company about their love story and why Aldi is your dream wedding destination.

You must also be engaged to be married at least one month before entry and you must be happy to have your wedding on 9 November 2022.

Couples must also submit photos of themselves that shows their personality and their love for each other, as well as links to all social media accounts belonging to them.

Guests will be treated to Aldi food at the ceremony.
John David Photography / Alamy Stock Photo.

The contest is open to people aged 21 and over and who are legal residents of the United States.

Applications are open now and will close on 17 August 2022. You can find more details here.

One reason to consider an Aldi wedding is to avoid neighbours ruining your ceremony with noise pollution. This apparently happened to one bride and groom who were filmed by a TikToker who claimed that a woman’s garden wedding was ‘ruined’ after a neighbour decided to mow her lawn during the ceremony.

The video creator, who appeared to be a guest at the couple’s wedding, explained how their backyard ceremony was hit with noise pollution after one nearby 'Karen' decided to purposely mow her lawn and 'yell at us to ruin the wedding'.

You can read more about it here.

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