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Zara Tindall accused of being ‘hungover’ after viewers spot her 'falling asleep' at Coronation

Zara Tindall accused of being ‘hungover’ after viewers spot her 'falling asleep' at Coronation

She'd apparently been out around the town until around 2am the night before

In one of the coronation day's most relatable moments, Zara Tindall - the daughter of Princess Anne - was caught on camera struggling to keep her eyes open as she sat amongst family and friends during the coronation of her uncle, King Charles III.

Millions from across the nation and world witnessed the historical coronation of King Charles III yesterday (6 June) as celebrities and royals alike packed out Westminster Abbey.

While the buzz of the history-making event continues over the bank holiday weekend, one particular royal is the talk of the town after her antics the night before the King's big day.

Zara Tindall decided to have a few pre-celebratory drinks the night before and was spotted letting loose until 2am in the early hours of the coronation day - partying with former rugby pro husband, Mike Tindall.

The couple enjoyed a celebratory meal at Oswald’s in Mayfair, London, with other senior members of the Royal Family.

Afterwards, the parents headed to the private members' venue, The Arts Club, presumably for a night cap or more.

Zara Tindall and husband Mike at the coronation of King Charles III.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

One witness told the Daily Star that the Tindalls were 'stumbling in the street while taking in all the Coronation bunting before getting into a taxi home.'

And now, TikTok account @hrhzara - which describes itself as 'Zara Tindall AF' - has shared a now-viral video of the mum-of-three looking a little worse for wear during the traditional ceremony.

The video, set to the sounds of the infamous 'Oh No' song, shows Zara's eyes slowly close several times as she sits in her finery at the Corrie Nash surrounded by other royals - including her cousin, Princess Beatrice.

Her 44-year-old husband, meanwhile, was snapped at the event staring upwards into the Abbey’s grand ceilings as he sat with Zara, 41, two rows behind next in line to the throne, Prince William and Princess Kate.

The video, which has been played (and replayed) a whopping 2.5m times to the delight of many who know the feeling of having an obligation the night after a bit of a bender.

One comment said: "She's hanging & needs a McDs on Uber Eats on the way back to the palace!"

Zara and Mike had been spotted out on the town at 2am the night before the coronation.

And another could relate, saying: "Hungover. Just like any other family."

A third quipped with the age-old excuse of: "Just giving her eyes a little rest," to which another replied: "Checking the backs of her eyelids."

In another example of bad behaviour at the abbey, reluctant royal Prince Harry has been called out for some of his behaviour on the big day.

Fans of the Royal Family described him as a 'disgrace' for failing to sing 'God Save The King' at his dad's coronation.

TV coverage appeared to show Harry keeping quiet while the anthem played - a move which prompted one viewer to take to social media saying: "Harry not singing the National Anthem. What a disgrace."

Royal body language expert Judi James told Paddy Power Bingo that he also ignored his brother William, but chatted with his cousins and their husbands.

He was spotted at London's Heathrow Airport heading back to Los Angeles just hours after his father became the new King of England.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@hrhzara

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