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Missing X Factor star Levi Davis update as police investigate reports of man in water

Missing X Factor star Levi Davis update as police investigate reports of man in water

Levi's mum shared an update after speaking with police

Levi Davis' mum has shared an update on the investigation into her son's disappearance after speaking with police.

Levi's mum, Julie, spoke after her son went missing at the end of October last year.

Following his appearance on The X Factor in 2019, Davis was last seen in Barcelona, when he left The Old Irish Pub on La Rambla at 10.05pm on 29 October.

Levi Davis was last seen in Barcelona.

Levi's friends or family haven't heard from the singer since shortly before midnight on 30 October, prompting police to conduct an investigation into his whereabouts.

In a statement shared with the Mail Online, Julie said: "Extensive work has been done to track Levi's movements on the night of the 29 Oct and they [the police] are able to confirm that following his last reported sighting at the Hard Rock Café, Levi walked back down La Rambla and entered the commercial port.

"His phone last registered in the early hours of Saturday 30 October with a phone tower at the far end of the port closest to the sea entrance."

Levi was staying with one of his close friends, Richard Squire, prior to his disappearance. Squire had a home in Ibiza, but Levi had taken a ferry alone to Barcelona.

According to Julie, police have now investigated reports of 'a man in the water by staff on a cruise ship entering the port at 6.30am on 30 October'.

"Four members of staff confirmed seeing a man in the water with specific details including him asking for help in English and the colour of his clothing," she said.

Levi appeared on X Factor in 2019.
PA Images/Reuters

"A life jacket was thrown from the ship and emergency Sea and Air rescue services searched the area but they were unable to find him.

"The investigation is still very much ongoing and we are hoping that the Port Police will authorise and carry out a further search of the waters and other inaccessible areas of the port.

"We would like to thank the Mosso d'esquadra and the British Consulate in Barcelona for their continued hard work.

"No further comment will be made at this time. We continue to ask that the press respect the feelings and privacy of Levi's family and friends at what is a very emotionally distressing time."

As well as appearing on The X Factor, Levi played Premiership rugby union for Bath between 2017 and 2020. In 2020, he appeared on E4's reality TV show Celebs Go Dating.

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