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Jilted woman ran over cheating husband and his mistress after she caught them kissing

Jilted woman ran over cheating husband and his mistress after she caught them kissing

She tracked down her husband and mistress down using the Find My Phone app

Shocking footage captures the moment a woman ran over her cheating husband and his mistress after she caught them kissing.

Mum-of-two Christie Lee Kennedy, 38, tracked down her husband David Larkin in March 2021 using the Find My Phone app, after he'd told her he was going to pick up their children from daycare in Brisbane, Australia.

A court was told how she saw her husband and Zowie Noring ‘kissing and cuddling’, and accelerated as she drove towards them before applying her brakes.

After hitting the couple with her car, Kennedy got out of the car and proceeded to punch Noring in the face, calling her a ‘s**t’ and ‘fat moll’.

She then got back into her vehicle and drove further up the street, while Noring got into her own car and drove off.

Kennedy then returned on foot and shouted at Larkin until an ambulance and police arrived on the scene.

Newly-released CCTV footage, obtained by 9News, shows the moment Kennedy mowed down her husband and his lover, who could be seen lying on the floor after being struck.

David Larkin and Zowie Noring were run down by Christie Kennedy.

The clip was shown to the jury during Kennedy’s trial, which ended last month as she was handed a suspended sentence at Brisbane’s District Court.

The legal secretary had pleaded guilty to dangerous operation of a vehicle after hitting Larkin and mistress Zowie Noring with her BMW SUV, and also previously pleaded guilty to common assault over the attack.

Crown prosecutor Jennifer O’Brien said she accelerated towards them ‘for some time’ on the wrong side of the road and slammed into them.

O’Brien said: “Her vehicle struck both of them with the front side of the car. Mr Larkin was thrown into the air and onto the road.

“Ms Noring was also thrown onto the road. After hitting Ms Noring, [Kennedy] immediately attacked her which shows a lack of remorse for her actions at the time by punching a person who was laying on the ground after being hit.”

Christie Kennedy and David Larkin.

Kennedy's defence barrister, Penny White, argued that her client had not intended to hit the couple with her car, but had just wanted to ‘get there quickly’ - claiming this is why she chose to accelerate.

“She wanted to get to them and confront them about what was going on,” White said.

“The only reason this happened was because her husband was kissing someone else and she wasn't aware of it.”

She also argued that the fact Kennedy hit the brakes showed she was not using the vehicle ‘as a weapon’, and only intended to confront the pair.

While she walked free, she was ordered to pay her husband David Larkin and his lover thousands in compensation.

Featured Image Credit: 9News

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