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Couple Spend £35,000 On Their Wedding And Guests Left After 15 Minutes

Couple Spend £35,000 On Their Wedding And Guests Left After 15 Minutes

The bride was left 'traumatised' over her own wedding.

A couple have told how they spent £35,000 on their wedding, only for guests to leave after just 15 minutes - reportedly leaving the bride 'traumatised'.

The TikToker, Nisrina Sayeed, took to social media to tell followers about her ordeal, in which she claimed her wedding guests left the celebration after an extremely short period of time. 

Sayeed said: “Thinking about how me & my husband (and my family) spent £35k just to have people leave with takeaway food and literally stay for 15-30 mins.”

She added: “Leaving us very traumatised of our own wedding, what a waste of a nice dress & decor.”

In a further video, the bride alleged that many of the tables at the venue were left ‘empty’ due to her invitees leaving so early. 

“Absolutely love my best friends/bridesmaids, but you could probably see how the tables are empty behind”. 

Sayeed then wrote that the wedding was not ‘close to an end’ and her guests really left between 15-30 minutes after they arrived.

“For reference, no, it wasn’t because the wedding was close to an end. Most of the guests just left after 15-20 mins.”

Fans and followers jumped to the bride’s defence, throwing support in the comments below the video which was captioned: “Breaks my heart every time.”

One user wrote: “Honestly this is why small weddings only. People are so disrespectful. I’m sorry that happened to you! Beautiful dress”.

Another added: “I would have blocked the exits and demanded gifts and money because ABSOLUTELY NOT [sic]”. 

“Thank god you know who real friends are. Only you two matter. God bless you,” Patricia commented.

Sayeed replied to one commenter, clarifying: "We love our marriage but as much as we enjoyed it, it's really sad to see empty tables worth up to 250 people."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok @nisrinasayeed

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