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Police Launch Fresh Appeal To Find Unsolved Mysteries Child Killer Lester Eubanks

Police Launch Fresh Appeal To Find Unsolved Mysteries Child Killer Lester Eubanks

Investigators in America think they may be on track to finding Mary Ellen Deener's killer.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Investigators in America believe they are closer to locating convicted child killer Lester Eubanks, who has been on the run for the past 43 years. He is the main suspect in the 1965 death of 14-year-old Mary Ellen Deener.

The case has come under the spotlight this week after Netflix released the second batch of episodes for its Unsolved Mysteries reboot series.

Lester Eubanks age progression sketch with glasses (

Lester has been missing since December 7, 1973 and is wanted for escaping the custody of the Ohio Department of Corrections after he was allowed to go Christmas shopping - a revelation that has outraged Twitter.

The killer was serving time for the murder of 14-year-old Mary Ellen Deener.

On November 14, 1965, Mary Ellen and her younger sister were at a laundromat, but they ran out of change.

When she left to get more change from another laundromat, she never returned. Mary Ellen's body was later found nearby. She had been shot two times, sexually assaulted and beaten with a brink.

Eubanks was later arrested for her murder.

Mary Ellen Deener (

Eubanks was convicted in May 1966 and sentenced to death, but the Supreme Court declared in 1972 that the death penalty was unconstitutional, and his sentence to commuted life in prison.

He later became an "honour inmate" at the Ohio penitentiary where he was incarcerated which is how he earned the privilege to go Christmas shopping at Great Southern Shopping Centre from which he disappeared.

Lester Eubanks' death row ID (

The case has also been profiled on America's Most Wanted.

Authorities believe he went to Michigan and may have spent time in Los Angeles.

Brian Fitzgibbon, with the U.S. Marshal Service, told the Mansfield Journal that U.S. Marshals believe Eubanks is still alive.

"I feel we're getting closer," he said.

Twitter reacted to the episode covering the case with many fans of the show expressing their shock after discovering Lester was temporarily released to go Christmas Shopping.

One person said: "Can't stop thinking about how Lester Banks was able to get away so easily."

Meanwhile, another wrote: "So they let Lester Eubanks (A CHILD MURDERER) out for Christmas shopping.... is that what I'm hearing?!?!? I-"

"Watching the new season of @Unsolved & can't stop thinking about how Lester Eubanks was able to get away so easily," a third penned.

"He should've spent the rest of his life locked up. Police screwed up BIG TIME on this one. I'm hoping he hasn't killed again..."

Here's hoping with this new news from the police, we are one step closer to justice.

Featured Image Credit: Netflix

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