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With the school summer holidays in full swing, many millions are heading on a sunny vacation in an attempt to escape the miserable British weather.

And while travelling is suppose to be fun, there can sometimes be a lot of problems when it comes to the actual travel experience.

The topic of plane etiquette is a much divisive talking point on video platforms such as TikTok this summer, with everyone having their say as to what is right and wrong.

Whether that is the much-talked about topic of babies crying on aircrafts or the sought-after 1A seat - a lot of disagreements on travelling are had.

Now, a new plane etiquette debate has entered the chat as one TikTok user has caused a stir regarding planes seats.

Usually, this involves swapping seat stories or reclining the often uncomfortable furniture, but this one woman has blasted passengers who don't exit the plane on arrival row by row.

Plane etiquette is a huge talking point right now.

In a video posted to TikTok earlier this month, Mikayla, who posts under the username @mickeyyyt on the popular video platform, filmed herself and her friend in their seats shortly after their flight had landed.

She then panned over to her fellow passengers, with a line of them forming in the aisle from rows behind.

As Mikayla moved the camera, the line seemed pretty huge indeed, seemingly extending to the back of the aircraft.

The TikToker's friend was evidentially unimpressed with the actions of the fellow passengers, while Mikayla wrote exactly what she thought on the on-screen text for the video.

She wrote: "Since when did airplane etiquette of getting off the plane row by row end!?!?!"

In the caption to the video, the TikToker added: "Aren’t we all going to the same place?!?"

The TikTok has gone viral in recent days, with over three million people viewing the short clip.

The TikToker was certainly not impressed.

And because it is based on the much-divisive topic of plane etiquette, close to 8,000 have flocked to the comments to provide their thoughts.

One person wrote: "Totally agree… unless someone has a super tight connection because the flight was delayed…"

A second added: "This! And when people try to get on the elevator before you get a chance to step out!"

On the other hand, others didn't seem to have an issue with it, with one TikTok user penning: "Never seen it go row by row💀 And I don’t understand why it’s such an issue either."

While another remarked: "You’re not all going to the same place. Some people have connecting flights to make."

Where do you stand?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / Pexels

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