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British woman who moved to Australia shares four reasons why it's better than the UK

British woman who moved to Australia shares four reasons why it's better than the UK

She shared four key reasons why Australia is better than the UK

A British woman who lives in Australia has shared the four reasons why she thinks her new home is better than the UK, having pointed out a number of ‘differences’ between the two nations.

Victoria Whitehouse (@vic_whitehouse) is a TikToker who often posts about her life Down Under.

In one clip, posted a few months back, she decided to give her followers a bit of a rundown on the contrasts between her Aussie lifestyle and her one back in the UK.

"'Differences I’ve found as a Brit living in Australia," she captioned the video, going on to share four key areas in which Oz wins the battle.

Public transport

This one may not come as too much of a surprise, given the UK’s famously dismal public transport systems, but Victoria explained: “Public transport in Australia is absolutely sensational.

“It doesn't even come close to what we have back home.

“It is so much more efficient, it's cheaper and when there's a rail strike and the trains aren't running, they will put on buses to get you to those destinations and it doesn't cost anything.”

She added: “The UK could never, but yeah the transport is insane.”

She said Australian public transport was much better than what you tend to find in the UK.


Now, many of us LOVE a UK supermarket, whether you’re popping out for a cheeky meal deal on your lunch break or filling up the trolley with bargains at Aldi, but there’s something in Australia that gives many of their shops an edge.

“I don't think it's in all supermarkets, but definitely most of the ones that I've seen,” Victoria began.

“When you're in the fridge section and you open the fridge to get, say, some milk out, the fridges are open and there's people behind, so people can restock from the back.

“I don't know if that makes any sense but it blows my mind because it means you're not having to take all of the stuff out to restock so the oldest stuff's at the front.

“You can restock from the back of the fridges - how cool is that?”

However, she said one possible downside was that you can’t buy alcohol in supermarkets, as you have to nip in to the dedicated bottle shop or liquor store next door.

Victoria posted a video outlining some key differences between the two countries.

Early starts

Victoria said she ‘absolutely loves’ that people in Sydney - where she’s based - often get up much earlier than folk in the UK.

“You can be up at 5am and there's coffee shops opening up, there's people going for runs, there's people out on the beach and I just love that,” she continued.

“I love that people are up so early in the morning for a sunrise or people that are up early but not just for going to work, which I love.”


According to Victoria, the Aussies ‘abbreviate everything’.

“I love this because I've definitely adopted some of the abbreviations that they do,” she told viewers.

McDonald's is 'Maccas,' a petrol station is a 'servo,' a bottle shop or liquor store is normally a 'bottle-o' and what I find funny is they're advertised as this as well.

“It's not just that it's abbreviated and people pick it up - sometimes they're just called that, that's what they're signed as outside, which I just think is so funny and I love it.”

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@vic_whitehouse

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