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Woman issues warning after sister dies in Turkey after 'never waking up from tummy tuck'

Woman issues warning after sister dies in Turkey after 'never waking up from tummy tuck'

The mum-of-three died in Turkey earlier this month after travelling for surgery

A sister has some important advice after her sister died in ‘tragic circumstances’.

Leanne Michelle died in Turkey on 2 July after ‘never waking up from gastric sleeve surgery’.

The mum-of-three had travelled to Istanbul after ‘struggling with her weight for many years’ according to her sister, Amy.

At the age of 38, she believed the surgery would ‘improve her health and quality of life for herself and the kids’.

However, Amy wrote on Instagram: “Unfortunately she never woke up after the surgery and lost her life within 24 hours.”

Leanne’s family went to Turkey in the hope to be ‘by her side’ when she woke up but tragically received the news she had died just hours earlier.

The loving mum had been busy planning a dream trip to Thailand for next year to celebrate her 40th birthday.

She went to Turkey for gastric band surgery, but never woke up.

Amy appeared on This Morning earlier this week where she told Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary about her sister.

A phone call from someone at the clinic in Turkey told her that Leanne was ‘okay but not alright’, and once she arrived at the hospital, she was told her sister had a cardiac arrest.

“I needed answers,” Amy said. “I thought if I see her she might know I’m here. ‘You’re not able to see her.’ Why? ‘Because in this country no ones allowed to visit anyone in intensive care because of Covid.’

“Didn’t think anything of it.”

She says she was later informed Leanne had 90 minutes of CPR and ‘to prepare for the worst’.

Amy was later informed her sister had passed away and the person at the hospital confessed they ‘hadn’t been honest with her’.

“Your sister had already passed away before you got here,” the woman recalls hearing.

Amy told Alison and Dermot about the loss of her sister.

With Alison calling the situation ‘awful’, Amy said ‘nothing’ has happened since and she doesn’t have an answer why her sister died.

She says a second postmortem done in England came back inconclusive, with no reason for Leanne’s cardiac arrest.

Amy ‘doesn’t want to come across like a preacher’ and told the hosts: “I think my sister – and me – were naive in thinking ‘I’m going to come back, it’s going to be fine’.

“Why think like that? Any surgery involves risks. She wanted that body so badly that now her children don’t have a mum.”

Alison praised Amy for her courage saying ‘so many people will learn’ from her interview.

She continued: “I just hope it makes somebody think, ‘Actually I can die.’ Because you can, my sisters died. It can go wrong.”

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