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Holidaymakers have come up with the perfect solution for 'selfish' sun lounger hoggers

Holidaymakers have come up with the perfect solution for 'selfish' sun lounger hoggers

You may want to think twice next time you think of doing this annoying habit

We have nearly made it to June and I'm sure many of us are beyond buzzing to hop on a flight, jet off to somewhere hot and soak in the sun with a cocktail in hand.

However, one downside to those relaxing days out at the pool or beach unfortunately have one major issue attached - the sun lounger politics.

We've all seen those super keen tourists race out first thing in the morning to claim their territory, whacking down anything in their arsenal to ensure no one else gets their sun lounger of choice.

So, to help remedy the age-old problem, holidaymakers have come up with the perfect solution for 'selfish' sun lounger hoggers.


One took to the 'Mildly Infuriating' thread on Reddit, sharing a series of photos of a pool framed by a row of sun loungers draped in various brightly-coloured towels.

"Just this," the captioned the post. "It's 7 AM and everything is 'taken'."

People have since rushed in to share their verdict on the matter with one Reddit user writing: "Gather everything on every chair and put it in a pile or in the ‘lost and found’ box."

"Take em to lost and found," penned a second while a third remarked: "Put them in lost and found. Or the bin."


A fourth hit out: "I see a lot of these posts. The seats, chairs and sunbeds are definitely not taken.

"People have just left their things there and as far as I would be concerned it is lost property and can be collected and placed in a pile. Enjoy your seat."

Another joked: "Looks like a prime situation for 'staff' to scoop up all these 'forgotten' towels and either dump them in a corner or take them to the lost and found."

A final Reddit user echoed: "I would 100% move someone's towel and not feel the slightest bit bad about it. I'd go for one that has a towel draped on two chairs. F*ck this selfish bullsh*t. You want reserved seating find a private yacht."

So, does this actually happen?

It seems it most definitely does as one hotel staff member revealed: "Where I live they make you remove them after pool hours or the staff takes them to the lost and found."

Confirming the news, another quipped: "I was on holiday in Greece once and saw a member of staff going round and taking all the towels off and piling them up on a table."

Well, that settles that then - you've been warned!

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/@Krytykx2

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