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Six-year-old boy who had never flown before put on wrong flight after airline makes mistake

Six-year-old boy who had never flown before put on wrong flight after airline makes mistake

A little boy was put on the wrong flight after an airline made a mistake

Everyone on Earth is certainly familiar with the plot of Home Alone.

Little Kevin McCallister (played by Macaulay Culkin) is left on his own on Christmas by his family when they leave for the airport without him

And Home Alone 2 sees him accidentally board a plane to New York rather than Florida.

However, this very same plot nearly became the reality of one family after a six-year-old boy was put on the wrong flight by the airline - of which they have since apologised for.

According to NBC News, the little boy was planning to fly for the first time to see his grandmother in Florida.

The original plan was for him to fly from Philadelphia International Airport to Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers on Thursday (21 December), but he ended up getting put on the wrong Spirit Airlines flight.

This mistake had him flying 160 miles away from his destination to Orlando.

Spirit Airline said in a statement: “The child was always under the care and supervision of a Spirit Team member, and as soon as we discovered the error, we took immediate steps to communicate with the family and reconnect them.

“We take the safety and responsibility of transporting all of our guests seriously and are conducting an internal investigation.

“We apologize to the family for this experience.”

Tyla reached out to Sprit Airlines for further comment.

The six-year-old was supposed to go to Southwest Florida International Airport.

His grandmother, Maria Ramos, told NBC affiliate, WINK News, that she was 'excited' to see her grandson.

So she was understandably panicked when she told that there were no children for her to collect.

Speaking to the outlet, she said: “I ran inside the plane to the flight attendant and I asked her, ‘Where’s my grandson? He was handed over to you at Philadelphia?’ She said, ‘No, I had no kids with me'.”

Thankfully, the child had called his grandmother once he had realised what had happened.

His grandmother wasn't very happy.

Ramos told WINK News that the situation was one of the 'scariest of her life'.

However, the explanation from the airline hasn’t satisfied the family and Ramos is demanding a better explanation.

She said: “I want them to call me [and] let me know how my grandson ended up in Orlando.

“How did that happen? Did they get him off the plane? The flight attendant- after mom handed him with paperwork- did she let him go by himself?

"He jumped in the wrong plane by himself?”

Featured Image Credit: WINK News

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