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Woman left furious after husband boards plane without her and leaves her at airport

Woman left furious after husband boards plane without her and leaves her at airport

A woman has been left furious after her husband boarded a plane without her while she nipped off to get coffee.

When in the mad rush of navigating through an airport, it's understandable you may have left a thing or two behind over the years.

A jacket, a bit of food perhaps - but leaving your wife, well, that's another story.

But that's exactly what man did after boarding a plane without his wife after she went to get a coffee, leaving her at the airport alone. Yep, really.

The 47-year-old man, who lives in the US' Pacific North West region, was going to visit his 21-year-old daughter at college on the East Coast with his wife, 43.

For privacy reasons most likely, he decided to give his family members the code names ‘Jess’ and ‘Meg’, as he explained what had happened in a Reddit Am I the A**hole (AITA) post.

“Let me start by saying that traveling with my wife is not a great experience,” he began.

“I am very type a, I like to have everything organised and make sure that we get where we need to be early, especially when traveling.

“My wife is the opposite, very ‘go with the flow’ and ‘we will get there when we get there’. I do my best to meet in the middle, but not when traveling by plane.”

To provide a bit of context to the situation, the main recalled an earlier incident when he and his wife were going to visit their daughter for a parents’ weekend at her college.

The man has sparked debate online with his story.

For a 10am flight, the man was up at 6am, while he struggled to get his wife up until 7:40am.

She then wanted to ‘make coffee, shower, and eat a bowl of cereal’, with the man saying: “Let’s just say that we didn’t leave the house until 9. It ended up being busier at the airport than normal (likely due to many colleges having parents weekend) and it took so long to get through security that we missed our flight.”

The airline refused to refund the ticket, and the parents were forced to get new tickets the next day.

Fast forward to the most recent time, and the parents were once again returning to Jess' college, this time to help her move. The journey this time involved two flights, with the pair landing at the connection airport with about 25 minutes to start boarding the next flight.

“We had to take multiple rails to get from where we landed to our terminal,” he said. “We got to our terminal and had about 15 minutes until our plane was set to board.

“My wife tells me that she wants to get coffee. There was a little market next to our terminal that sold hot food and coffee. I asked if she wanted me to go grab it for her.

“’No I want Starbucks’ she said. Well Starbucks we a rail ride away, and a little bit of a walk. I told her we couldn’t do that, we didn’t have enough time.”

The woman insisted on getting coffee before her next flight.
Joshua Woroniecki/Pixabay

Nonetheless, the wife decided she was going to get coffee and promised she'd be back on time.

But she wasn't, with the man calling his wife several times as boarding groups were called. He eventually told by the flight attendant it was the last call, so he had a decision to make.

“I tried to plead with her to wait a couple of minutes but she insisted that she couldn’t. So, I boarded the plane.”

His wife was forced to buy a new ticket, and she was seemingly unbothered by the chaos once she arrived at Jesse's school.

“I thought maybe she realized it was her fault and just wanted to drop it.

“Boy was I wrong. We are now home and she hasn’t talked to me since the trip, over a week ago, and is insisting that I am an a**hole. So, am I the a**hole?”

The vast majorly of Reddit users sided with the man, with one person penning: "Your wife is very selfish. Imagine missing time with your child because you thought coffee was more important?”

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