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Plus-sized woman says hotels should enlarge hallways for bigger guests

Plus-sized woman says hotels should enlarge hallways for bigger guests

The influencer called for the travel industry to be 'more accepting'

A travel influencer has explained her list of things the hotel industry can do to be 'more accepting' to their guests.

Jaelynn Chaney, who is a plus-sized travel, fashion and lifestyle influencer, has said that hotels should enlarge their hallways to better accommodate for 'different body sizes and types'.

Jaelynn took to TikTok to share with her 134,000 followers her thoughts on the matter. Take a look:

She began: "I'm on a mission to revolutionise the travel industry and make it a more accessible, accepting, accommodating place for all.

"The needs of plus-sized travellers matter just as much as anybody else and today I'm going to cover what we are looking for - accessible size inclusive hotel amenities."

Jaelynn said such amenities are 'crucial' for ensuring that plus-sized travellers feel 'welcomed, accommodated and comfortable' during their stay.

"We deserve an environment that respects our needs and body diversity," she explained before running through the 'exact steps' hotels can take to be more 'size inclusive'.

Jaelynn mapped out the measures she thinks should be taken to respect 'body diversity'.

First on the list is to 'provide sturdy, wider chairs without armrests in guest rooms, lobbies and common areas to accommodate different body sizes and types'.

Next up is to 'ensure beds with strong support and a higher weight capacity' along with 'providing reinforced chairs and wider bathroom facilities'.

Third is to make elevators and hallways 'spacious' to 'allow for easy movement of larger individuals and those utilising mobility devices'.

She gave several suggestions.

Fourth was to 'install grab bars in showers and near toilets' as well as offering 'adjustable handheld showerheads' and 'raised toilet seats for added accessibility'.

Jaelynn then stated staff should be trained to be 'respectful' and 'understanding'.

She also asked for 'pool lifts' and 'handrails' at the entry of pools and called for 'sturdy chairs' in hotel restaurants so that 'everybody can dine comfortably'.

"Number eight," she went on, "offer larger beach and pool seating, provide oversized lounge chairs and seating at the beach and pool areas allowing travellers of all sizes and abilities to be comfortable."

She also asked for 'size-inclusive bathrobes' that 'should go up to a size 6X and beyond' as well as bath sheets or 'plus-sized friendly towels'.

"And last but not least," Jaelynn finished up, "display clear and accurate information on these amenities on hotel websites include weight limits, seat dimensions and things like that."

The TikToker concluded: "This will help us as travellers make informed decisions.

"By implementing the size-inclusive hotel amenities, hotels can become more inclusive and accommodating."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@jaebaeofficial/Instagram/@jaebaeproductions

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