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Flight attendant shares 'mind-blowing' hack to charge your iPhone without charger

Flight attendant shares 'mind-blowing' hack to charge your iPhone without charger

The handy tip has gone viral

A flight attendant has shared a 'mind-blowing' hack to help you charge your iPhone without a charger.

Ever made it through an entire flight, the faff of an airport transfer, and at long last made it to your hotel room only to realise you've accidentally forgotten one of the most important additions to your suitcase - a phone charger?

Well, worry no more, as one travel aficionado has explained a nifty little way to get around the problem, and people are going nuts for it. Check it out:

The crew member, Esther, took to TikTok to share the incredible hack, explaining to her 216.3k followers that there wasn't actually a need to carry a wall plug or travel adaptor on holiday anymore.

Esther, who works for the Dutch airline KLM, shared a handful of hotel hacks - six to be exact.

"World travel plug broken?" she said. "Use your USB cable and charge it in the TV! This is extremely helpful if you forgot or lost your wall plug from your charger."

If Esther's hack works, which she swears it does, any hotel-dwellers out there won't need to bother with a last-minute dash to duty free to nab a travel adapter or even have to wedge their wall plug into their already cramped hand luggage as the cable along will supposedly do the job.

In the same video, Esther also explained why holidaymakers should always leave a shoe in their hotel safe.

Flight attendant Esther shared a handful of 'useful' tips to fellow travellers on TikTok.

People are often afraid to leave their valuable items in the room safe in case they forget them when they leave.

Whether it's jewellery, cash, your passport or a pricey souvenir, we’ve all had second thoughts about storing something precious in a safe.

Esther says if you put your shoe in the safe alongside your valuable item, you won't forget it. Since everyone always remembers both pairs of shoes, this hack should work amazingly.

Sounds a tad bonkers but, hey, if it works it works right?

Dozens of fellow jet-setters have since rushed into the comments to share their praise for Esther and her hacks with one TikTok user writing: "Wow! These are really cool ideas…. Thanks for sharing!"

A second penned: "One of the most useful videos here."

"This legit has just blown my mind!" revealed a third. "Why have I never thought of this!"

A final TikTok user echoed: "I love these hacks so much. I honestly wouldn't have thought of any of it!"

Well, it seems we'll all be a lot more prepared for our next city break.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@esthersturrus

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