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 Cruise ship passenger reveals one word that’s banned’ onboard after accidentally saying it

Cruise ship passenger reveals one word that’s banned’ onboard after accidentally saying it

Marc Sebastian said waiters gasped and utensils were dropped when he said the word on a cruise ship

A cruise ship passenger has revealed the horrified reaction when he accidentally said a 'banned word' on a cruise ship.

There's no denying that cruises are very much in right now. If you find yourself swept up in the trendiest way to holiday, then it's always best to be prepared when it comes to the rules.

Considering some people have found that it's actually cheaper to live on board than on land, is it any wonder people are turning to a life at sea?

One couple even booked 51 cruises back-to-back for the financial benefits.

And while there are a plethora of cruises out there to choose from - 'spicy' ones or otherwise - it's pretty much guaranteed that you'll have time to relax, sunbathe and eat great food.

It sounds foolproof, honestly.

And with experts out there offering tips and tricks from everything from how to best enjoy the onboard buffet to how to land super cheap deals - the internet has a wealth of seafaring information.

But one thing you perhaps didn't know is that there are strict rules you need to follow - including regarding your language.

TikTok influencer Marc Sebastian took to the video sharing app to share his findings.

Back in January, Marc was living it up on a gifted trip onboard the South America-Antarctica leg of Royal Caribbean's nine-month world cruise.

While it sounds absolutely incredible, it emerged there's one word that shouldn't be said by anyone on the ship.

You might be rattling through the more colourful language in your vocabulary and wondering which swear word it must be.

Well, you're barking up the wrong tree.

The TikToker shared which word you 'cannot say' on a cruise. (Getty Stock Image)
The TikToker shared which word you 'cannot say' on a cruise. (Getty Stock Image)

It turns out the forbidden word is Titanic.

Infamous now for all the wrong reasons, the Titanic was the ship labelled 'unsinkable' that sank to the bottom of the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912 after hitting an iceberg and resulted in 1,517 deaths.

As well all know, it also the material for the 1997 film Titanic starring Oscar-winning duo Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and makes even the toughest among us cry buckets.

In Marc's video, he shared the frosty response he received when uttering the word.

He said: "Who knew [you shouldn't say it]? I didn't.

"I brought up to an entire room of people having lunch that our ship is only 100 feet longer than the Titanic."

He continued: "When I tell you that, utensils dropped okay. Waiters gasped. Dead silent.

"You're not allowed to talk about the Titanic.

"It wasn't like that was in the f**king handbook."

While it might seem strict, it makes a lot of sense.

One person commented: "When I went on a cruise my mom told me saying Titanic was equivalent to screaming a bomb at an airport."

Another added: "I’m sorry if I’m going on a boat I’m talking about Titanic and OceanGate."

Featured Image Credit: Michael Dunning/Imgorthand/Getty Images

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