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People heartbroken Christmas Day will never be the same again following Queen's death

People heartbroken Christmas Day will never be the same again following Queen's death

'She even spent Christmas Day with us at 3pm'

Following the news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, people are sharing their heartbreak as they realise Christmas Day won't be the same without her.

The Queen’s Christmas Message has been a cornerstone in British culture and those of the Commonwealth Nations since the start of Her Majesty’s reign in 1952. It was shown on TV for the first time in 1957.

The Queen's Christmas Message was shown on TV for the first time in 1957.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo.

Previously the Christmas Day broadcast, which is typically shown in the afternoon on Christmas Day, began as The King’s Christmas Message in 1932 as a radio broadcast by King George V.

It is now broadcasted across television, radio and the internet and the Queen’s final Christmas Message was delivered in 2021, in which she reflected on the death of her consort, the Duke of Edinburgh.

For the first year in most of our lifetimes the Queen will no longer share a Christmas Message, which has left social media users extremely upset.

“Christmas Day won’t be the same again,” shared one Twitter user alongside a picture of the Queen.

One woman shared an illustration of the Queen with Paddington Bear, with whom she made her acting debut earlier in the year during her Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

“My first Christmas after my marriage breakdown was in lockdown by myself. The Queens speech that Christmas Day carried me through. Thank you Ma’am.”

On Thursday, 8 September, in the hours after Her Majesty’s death, a Twitter user simply said: “Christmas Day will never be the same.”

TV presenter and host Paddy McGuinness focused his tribute to the Queen around her Christmas Message. He shared: “A constant throughout my life. 15:00 Christmas Day will never be the same. RIP HM Queen Elizabeth.”

The Queen's last Christmas Message in 2021.
PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo.

Actor Richard Armitage also shared a childhood memory of watching the Queen on Christmas Day. “Hard to explain to non-Britons but that moment on Christmas Day at 3pm when the Queen spoke, Mum dragging me away from my toys, the laying of a wreath on Remembrance Sunday made her, for many, a beacon of consistency and a touchstone of stability. Respect. Restraint. Service. RIP.”

Another member of the public declared it the ‘end of an era'.

They tweeted: “She went with us all on holiday with our passports. Touched every hand of ours with her coins She even spent Christmas Day with us at 3pm She’s the only constant we had in our lives. End of an era .”

Although details have yet to be confirmed, the Royal Christmas Message is expected to continue with King Charles III.

Featured Image Credit: PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo Richard Baker / Alamy Stock Photo

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