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The Most Common Omicron Symptom Has Been Revealed

The Most Common Omicron Symptom Has Been Revealed

The latest symptom for Covid-19 has been revealed and it's more common than you think.

The most common symptom of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 has been revealed.

With the many possible symptoms including coughing, fatigue, losing your sense of smell or taste, it's now been confirmed what the most common symptom is.

Experts now believe if you have a runny nose then you could well have Omicron. At this time of year, a streaming nose could be a symptom of hay fever, but a runny nose combined with other symptoms means a positive Covid test is a possibility.

A runny nose has fast become the most common Omicron symptom. (

The research comes from Professor Tim Spector, behind the ZOE Symptom Study App where Brits log how they are feeling. His latest research has identified the top 20 symptoms in the UK. These include sneezing, headaches, muscle aches, eye pain and disrupted meals.

However, a runny nose is fast becoming the top symptom.

Professor Tim said: "Runny nose seems to be creeping up. Every time I look it's higher.

"83 per cent of people with Covid at the moment have a runny nose."

A runny nose is thought to be one of the first indicators you could have Covid-19. (

Omicron is considered to be a milder strain and therefore produces milder symptoms in the majority of people, especially in the vaccinated. Many people will recover from it home, and suffer with mild flu or cold-like symptoms for a few days. Some might only have one or two symptoms, but most people seem to have a runny nose.

Whilst a runny nose is now a strong sign you could test positive for Covid, it could also be hay fever; especially as this time of year is rife for pollen.

However, research from the ZOE Symptom Study App indicates that if you have a runny nose, it is a possibility that you may have Omicron.

Most people with Omicron report feeling like they have a cold or the flu, and recover after resting up for a few days. (

While the number of Covid cases has fallen and the amount of hospital patients is no longer rising, the virus is still considered to be rather prevalent in the UK.

Prof Spector said: "Case numbers continue to decline and the rate is slightly faster than it was last week."

However, data for infections rose to record highs in recent weeks, with one in 12 people in England battling the bug last month.

The Office for National Statistics said around one in 14 are now infected in the country.

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