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You Can Now Get A Doggie Door That Connects Yo Your Phone To Let Your Dog Out

You Can Now Get A Doggie Door That Connects Yo Your Phone To Let Your Dog Out

The MyQ Pet Portal is the ultimate high tech replacement for the bog standard cat flap - and they make it for dogs, too.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

We think we've just found the ultimate invention for lazy pet owners...

Introducing the MyQ Pet Portal. Invented in the US, the Pet Portal is basically a high tech cat (and dog) flap which means you can let your pet out for fresh air, or to go to the toilet, without even having to move.

It's essentially a smart sliding door which works by connecting to a sensor on your animal's collar and letting them out automatically when they're nearby.

You can also man the door from your phone, by going on the MyQ Pet Portal app and letting the animal out and in whenever you wish.

You can check on your pet when you're out and about (
MyQ Pet Portal)

Developed by Chamberlain Group, who usually make garage doors, the doggy door is also much more stylish than a traditional cat flap.

When you buy one it comes within a custom-fitted, full-size door, and is hidden under a smart panel, which slides open and closed seamlessly as needed.

And owners will get to pick from a whole variety of Kolbe door styles and colours to fit with their homes.

The best part is it is also fitted with 1080p cameras, which connect to the app, so you can keep an eye on your fluffy BFF whenever they are by the door, and looking come out or in.

The app means you have complete control of your pet even when you're not home (
MyQ Pet Portal)

Plus, there are microwaves which allow two way audio, so you can chat to your pet through your phone. Yep, that means no separation anxiety when you pop out.

The app also creates a daily breakdown of what your pet is up to, cataloguing how many times they go outside, and for how long.

The portal is suitable for cats and dogs between 10 and 90 pounds (4.5kg - 41kg), and is also fitted with safety sensors so they don't get hurt or trapped.

It's won high praise, too, bagging Best Innovation Award in the Smart Home category at the Consumer Electronics Show 2021.

This technological wonder doesn't come cheap, starting at $3,000 (£2,200) if you want to pre-order one now.

The app breaks down your pet's activity (
MyQ Pet Portal)

"What sets the myQ Pet Portal apart from other dog doors on the market is the fact that it offers convenience, safety, and security all in one solution," said Brittany McArdell, a professional dog trainer and owner of North Paws Canine Services.

The company called on Brittany to test out the Pet Portal, and ensure it was as safe and practical as possible.

"It definitely provides a smarter way to parent and makes time apart easier for both dogs and their owners," Brittany added.

"A bright spot for many people in a challenging 2020 has been adding a furry friend to the family,' added Beril Altiner, director of product marketing for Chamberlain Group.

"But as Covid-19 restrictions begin to lift in 2021 many dogs will experience a dramatic change in their routine."

Featured Image Credit: MyQ Pet Portal

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