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Making A Murderer: Steven Avery's Lawyer Says They're Making 'Substantial Progress' On Case

Making A Murderer: Steven Avery's Lawyer Says They're Making 'Substantial Progress' On Case

Steven Avery's lawyer Kathleen Zellner has given an update regarding his case.

Kathleen Zellner, the lawyer representing Steven Avery and leading his bid for freedom, has shared an update regarding his case.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday to update her followers on any new developments, Kathleen said Steven's legal team were making "substantial progress".

After being wrongfully convicted and then released for sexual assault and attempted murder in an unrelated case, Avery was convicted for the 2005 murder of photographer Teresa Halbach.

His exoneration, thanks to DNA evidence in 2003, and his conviction for Halbach's murder, was covered in the Netflix documentary series Making a Murderer with many supporters convinced of his innocence.

Avery was convicted for the murder of Theresa Halbach. (

Speaking this week, Zellner tweeted: "We are working every day on Steven Avery’s case and we are making substantial progress. We will never give up in our quest to rectify this miscarriage of justice. #TruthWins @MakingAMurderer".

Avery, 59, remains in prison after he was found guilty by jury on 18th March 2007, exactly 15 years ago. He was sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.


He has always maintained his innocence and believes he was framed by the Manitowoc County Police Department after he sued them for wrongful conviction for the other convictions in 2003.

In 2021, new evidence emerged that could exonerate Avery and prove his innocence in Halbach's murder case.

A court filing on 13th April 2021 stated that a delivery driver had come forward and said he saw Bobby Dassey, Avery's nephew, with an unidentified, bearded man in his 50s-60s pushing a Toyota RAV-4, the model Halbach was driving, onto the Avery property in the early hours of 5th November 2005.

This placed Steven Avery's nephew, Bobby Dassey, Brendan Dassey's brother, at the scene of the crime.

Brad Dassey, who is Brendan's half-brother, then claimed that his uncle Avery is innocent and suggested his step-mother, Barb Tadych, might have something to do with the case.

Days later, on 23rd April, Zellner accused the state of Wisconsin of "withholding" crucial evidence in a letter after new witnesses came forward.

However, Avery's legal team faced a major setback in July 2021 when the court rejected Avery's appeal, with Zellner tweeting: "Not deterred by the appellate court decision--it pointed out the specific doors that are still open for Mr. Avery's quest for freedom. We appreciate the careful review. #Onward #TruthWins."

Another update came in August 2021 when it was announced that Avery had asked the Wisconsin Supreme Court to take on his case.

Kathleen Zellner is Steven Avery's lawyer. (

In January this year, Zellner has tweeted there is a "huge amount of new evidence" in his case.

"Just in case any of you are wondering we are working as hard as ever on Steven Avery’s case," she said.

"We will be filing a new petition with a huge amount of new evidence. We will never give up pounding on the doors of justice for him. @MakingAMurderer #TruthWins."

To find out more about Steven Avery's wrongful conviction, his conviction of Teresa Halbach's murder and all the updates from the case so far, visit our page here.

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